Dealing with Depression with an Owl

I noticed at Comics Alliance a nice article on Boggle the Owl.  This is a great blog for those of us who struggle with depression.

I have, throughout my life, dealt with severe depression.  For most of my life it was un-diagnosed.  When I finally got help, it was still a very difficult thing to live with and I know both before and after I got help, I hurt people I cared about to the point that I pretty much destroyed my life.  I really wish I had known about or found the Boggle site, as much of what he says would have helped me out.  I’m in a much better place with my life now, but the pain and suffering both I and those around me went through is something I have to live with for the rest of my life.

If you know someone with depression, or if you suffer from it yourself, please follow this advice: first, go see a doctor…don’t be shy.  They will not tell you to “get over it” any more than they would tell you to “get over” a sprained ankle or sinus infection.  Second, take a look at Boggle, and really read what it’s saying.  Yes, it’s a cartoon, but sometimes that’s what you need.  Absurdity can pierce the darkest depression, trust me.

For those wondering about yours truly, I’m doing very well.  I have been able to be off medication for about a year now (there is NOTHING wrong about being on medication for depression; it’s no more wrong than taking antibiotics for an infection!), and I’m generally happy with my work and with my life.  More importantly, I know things get better, no matter how bad they may seem.  But if I can help others who are in the dark like I was, I would do so in a heartbeat.  You never know just how low you can sink until you have hurt people you love and they can literally no longer stand to be around you.


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  1. Thank you for this-it is SO terribly true, and I wish that I could have a do-over on several years of my life. I’ve hurt myself and hurt so many others that were and are VERY dear to me, and our relationships won’t ever be the same. Depression is a mo-fo, but it can be tamed, and I hope that you continue to do well with yours. 🙂 And I dig Boggle’s site! Helpful AND cute!

  2. As someone that just started treatment, ten years late, thank you for this post and this link. The part about being off meds for almost a year was especially heartening.

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