Godzilla vs. Cthulhu

I loves me some Godzilla.  I REALLY loves me some Cthulhu.  So like chocolate and peanut butter, putting them together seems like an awesome combination.


Attention Hollywood: MAKE THIS IMMEDIATELY!

I had no idea there was so much fan work of this type, but there are indeed GvC fans out there.  There’s even a whole story on fanfiction.net.  I will warn you, the links above exceed your daily allowable dose for awesome.

So awesome, your pants may spontaneously explode

Now to put on my nerd cap.  Let’s decide who would win in a battle between these titans.

On the one hand, Godzilla has regeneration, terrifying claws, a thick, semi-prehensile tail usable as a whip, and atomic fire breath.  On the other hand, Cthulhu.  Seriously, he’s a god.  He can make you go mad just from looking at him.  He also can’t actually die, so…points to Cthulhu here.  But wait!  Godzilla has, if he isn’t smashing Tokyo to ruins, the support of the Japanese, especially small children who often discover the enemy’s weakness and manage to communicate it to Godzilla just in time (no, seriously, this is like the plot of half the Godzilla movies out there).  And what is Cthulhu’s weakness?  The Star Stones of Mnar, of course.  Assuming the Japanese government could produce a giant Star Stone for Godzilla to wear like a wrestling championship belt, and let’s be honest, they probably have one sitting in a warehouse right now just in case this very scenario occurs, Godzilla may be able to force Cthulhu back to his drowned home in dread R’yleh.

Final decision here: it would be a draw, not dissimilar to Godzilla vs. King Kong.  Godzilla may force Cthulhu away, but killing him?  Not going to happen.  Meanwhile, ‘zilla would probably sustain horrible injuries along with unimaginable nightmares and insanity, and would like have to spend some time in a sanitorium before slowly plodding back into the briny depths.


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