My Fitness Pal – dieting with help

I’ve recently been told by my doc that I need to eat better and get my cholesterol (and other things) under control.  That means a diet, and I’m always notoriously bad for not counting calories.  I found a tool, however, that really helps, and I thought I’d share it. is a free website that lets you track what you eat every day, your weight, exercise, even your measurements.  It also helps set goals.  But the most important thing is, it has a smartphone app (for both android and iPhone) that lets you track foods on the go.  You can even use your phone’s camera to scan bar codes and it will enter the food for you automatically!

You might think I have some kind of deal with the folks who made this, but nope, I’m just an impressed used who wants to share.  So far I’ve lost five pounds with the help of myfitnesspal, and while I have a ways to go, they make it a lot easier.


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