A Shining prequel?

The Sun is reporting that The Shining may soon have a prequel.  Which “The Shining”?  Kubrick’s version, sadly, not the novel.

The movie supposedly will focus on Jack Torrance’s predecessor, Grady, and is being put together by the creative teams from Shutter Island and Black Swan.  Both good movies, but I kind of doubt they can pull off something great here.

It WOULD be possible to do a good Shining prequel movie.  You’d need to focus on a part of the story completely cut out of the Kubrick version; Horace Derwent, the slimy millionaire/gangster who restored the Overlook in the 1940s.  He’s also known as “the guy in the bear suit”, and he got up to all sorts of deviant behavior in the remote mountain hotel.

According to the novel, Derwent bought the Overlook in the early 40s and used a lot of his own money restoring it.  For a time it became a notorious retreat for the rich and famous.  Derwent’s parties often devolved into orgies, and more than a few folks were killed at the Overlook, some with guns, others with drug overdoses.  Derwent’s hotel became a sort of cesspit of immorality hidden in the Rockies, which lasted into the early 50s when people finally found other places to hang out and have their parties.

Unfortunately, the odds are that most of this will be forgotten, again, and we’ll get a pretty run of the mill horror movie where you could just do an “Edit-Replace All” of Grady for Jack Torrance.


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