X-Men First Class sequel – Days of Future Past!

Holy hell, the title for the X-Men First Class sequel has been announced, and it’s Days of Future Past, possibly the second greatest X-Men story ever (after Dark Phoenix).

For those who weren’t huge X-Men fans in the 1980s, Days of Future Past was a two issue story where Kitty Pride’s adult self possessed the body of her younger self to warn the X-Men of an impending attack on Senator Kelly.  This attack would lead to a world where giant robots called Sentinels basically control everything and mutants are kept in concentration camps.  This story introduced a number of very important elements into the X-Men mythology: Senator Kelly, who was in the first movie, Project Wideawake (the government plan to build Sentinels), and last but certainly not least, Rachel Summers, my favorite X-Man ever.

Rachel was the catalyst for sending adult Kitty’s mind back in time, so hopefully she’ll show up in this movie.  I mean, seriously, why NOT show the kid of two of the X-Men?  It would be pretty awesome, especially if people put two and two together and ask how Scott could be her dad…

Anyway, the story shows a bleak future to remind the X-Men that while things are bad, they can always get worse.  Considering this story is essential to the X-mythology, I’m surprised it took until now for it to be made.  The only bad things are that first, Kitty isn’t likely to be the main character (she isn’t in the First Class lineup) and the most iconic scene, Wolverine being vaporized by a Sentinel, won’t happen as Hugh Jackman won’t be in this as Wolverine.  Still, I have high hopes for Rachel.  Maybe we’ll get a young Jean Grey in this one and Rachel will possess her mother’s form?

In any event, the movie won’t be out for a few years, so plenty of speculation will come.


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