My entirely fruitful Labor Day weekend

Labor Day…the weekend I try very hard to forget that I’m not down at DragonCon (and next year, I’ll be there, come hell or high water).  This last weekend, I tried to find a way to avoid thinking of Atlanta, and I mostly succeeded.

First, it was Doctor Who premier weekend, which as you can read in my post below was somewhat of a disappointment.  I also picked up The Witcher 2 from GameStop because it dropped to $30 for new or used, and I had heard good things about it.  The combat is a little…well…I don’t like it too much, but maybe it gets better, but the story is interesting.  I also snagged a new tablet, a Polaroid running Ice Cream Sandwich.  It’s actually a very awesome little device for $90.

But the two big things I did were organize my office and get started on the novel I’ve been wanting to write for…oh…years now.  The office thing is kind of amusing, since I’ve lived in my apartment for a year and a half now but never had it as an office before.  Well, not a functional one.  It was more or less a storage room.  Now it’s a little better and far more comfortable to work in.

The novel, however, went a lot more smoothly than I imagined.  It’s the first in a larger shared world, so I was keeping copious notes (in a note card index box) as I went.  I figured I might get a few thousand words in and be blocked.  I’ve not been able to get much past that lately.  To my surprise, I just kept writing and writing, with regular breaks to let my back, injured for the past week or so, un-knot.  When all was said and done, I was more than 20,000 words in and I feel like I’m hitting a stride.  There’s tons more to do, but hey, that’s a great start.  I’ve probably got about ten times more to write, but I legitimately feel it will come.

There’s plenty coming up to break my concentration, but hopefully this will be a reversal of my trend of not being able to keep on a story for long enough to finish.


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