Passing out is easy to do

Time for a personal story of humiliation.

Today I went for a biometric screening at my work to save some money on my insurance.  I did the height and weight thing (down 5 pounds!) and then went to the finger stick.  The lady was very nice but after poking my finger she had to basically milk my hand…I don’t know why, I was bleeding fairly well.

Then the world went all spinny and I woke up a few seconds later on the floor.

This doesn’t usually happen to me unless I’m actually having blood drawn.  However, it’s a real condition called a vasovagal spell.  Basically, the blood vessels dilate quickly and the heart rate slows, causing a massive blood pressure drop.  And you end up on the floor.

No one is completely sure why some people get it and others don’t, but laying down to give blood or be pricked helps.  In my case, I’m totally fine if I’m laying down or at least reclined.  But sitting up and bam, the world begins to spin.

Anyway, I ended up on the floor with about half a dozen people over me, not sure where I was or why I was on the floor.

Great way to start the work day, and due to the work I’m doing, there’s no going home for me!


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