DnA on Classic Battlestar Galactica

I admit I was never a fan of the BSG revival series.  While Tricia Helfer is incredibly hot, I prefer her as EDI from Mass Effect over being a Cylon (also as the evil handler on Burn Notice!).  The story of the revival series also went off the rails when they brought WAY too much mysticism into it.  Keep your religion out of my Sci-Fi drama, please.

The classic series also went off the rails in the not-to-be-mentioned-ever-again Battlestar Galactica 1980.  Ok, I admit as a kid I thought it was cool.  Flying motorcycles?  Hell yes!  But I was six in 1980, so I can be forgiven.  I even thought Megaforce was a good movie back then.

Fortunately, the classic series has been continued with the hideous spin-off forgotten by Dynamite Comics.  And now my favorite comic book creative team, DnA (or Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning for those who live under a rock), is taking over the series.  Abnett and Lanning were the ones responsible for the Marvel Cosmic revival, including Annihilation and the incredibly awesome Guardians of the Galaxy.  They’ve also worked on Justice League for DC and are just all around awesome writers.  Now they’re going to bring that magic to Battlestar Galactica.

No mom, I don’t need a Viper…Daggit will do just fine

I was actually a huge BSG fan as a kid.  I always wanted the toys, even though they were only loosely based on the show (they had several different versions of a Viper that never appeared in the show), and I had some of the comics, but mostly I just watched the show whenever it was on.  I even remember seeing the pilot as a movie in a theater…yeah, that was kind of weird, but remember in the late 70s theaters would put anything on the screen that looked like Star Wars to get people to show up.

I may actually have to pick the series up now.  BSG was always full of potential.  The new series really soured me on it, but I’d be totally down for a continuation of the classic series.  I think the main difference between the two was that the new series is like being beaten by a baseball bat, while the classic was about hope for the future.


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