Guesses about Iron Man 3 based on the trailer

The official Iron Man 3 trailer is up.  Based on this trailer and my knowledge of the comic book Tony Stark, I’m going to make some guesses about the plot of the movie.

Please note – these are not “spoilers” – these are purely guesses based on what we see in the trailer and some of the comic book stories.

Ok, first, Tony is clearly dealing with issues from the Avengers.  The line about not sleeping.  He did basically “look into the face of God” when he went through the wormhole.  That probably had a major effect on him and seems to lead him to build a suit he can control with his thoughts.  Many people have assumed this means he’s going down the Extremis route, and while it’s possible that techno-organic virus may indeed be involved in the film, I think what we’re seeing is actually the Telepresence armor.

Iron Man’s Telepresence suits allowed Tony to be in one place and the armor in another.  He controlled it via his thoughts, able to send the empty armor into dangerous situations.  Since the concept was introduced in the 1990’s, it’s been seen time and time again – there have been numerous times that Tony has had a veritable army of armors helping him fight foes.

However, the movie looks like it may delve into one of the dangers of that concept. There’s is a scene with Tony and Pepper in bed where the suit is looming over Pepper.  Perhaps the suit is picking up Tony’s unconscious brainwaves, basically becoming Tony.  That has happened before too, with the armor achieving a sort of artificial intelligence and thinking it’s the real Tony Stark.  I’m not sure they will go down that road or not, but it’s definitely possible.

Another part of the trailer shows Tony undergoing a procedure, and we also see his Malibu mansion destroyed with him and Pepper inside.  This, I think, is alluding to Pepper gaining the same arc reactor heart Tony has.  In the comics, Ezekiel Stane, son of Obadiah, blew up a skyscraper where Tony and Pepper were attending a party.  Tony survived thanks to his armor (which like in this film, flew to him).  Pepper was badly hurt.  To save her life, Tony implanted a reactor.

In the comics, this reactor, actually a different model than Tony used, based on magnetics and designed by Rand Corp (Danny Rand, the Iron Fist’s, company), was used by Pepper to power her own armor, and she became known as the hero, Rescue.  Eventually she passed the reactor back to Tony, but she got her own back not long after and is still, as far as I’m aware, piloting her own suit of armor.  This armor had no built in weapons and was designed for search and rescue (thus the name).  It seems the movie might follow this, and perhaps we’ll even see Paltrow geared up as Rescue by the end.  It’s possible, anyway, but I think we’ll definitely see Pepper badly hurt and Tony forced to go after those who harmed her.

One thing this movie has to be careful of is, however, making sure that Tony is sufficiently cut off during this – possibly by making it very personal, or perhaps by dumping him in a remote location – so he can’t call on any of those new friends of his.  One call to Dr. Banner and I’m pretty sure the Mandarin would learn the true meaning of the words, “Hulk SMASH!”

Another concept this movie seems to want to deal with is that Tony Stark might as well call himself the Phoenix.  In the comics, Tony has had his world torn out from under him more times than just about anyone.  Sometimes it’s of his own making, such as the classic Demon in a Bottle story line where Tony’s drinking brings him to the brink of disaster.  Other times it’s manipulation by his enemies to bring Stark Industries, Stark International, Stark Enterprises, etc. crashing down.  He’s rebuilt his company a dozen times over.  It looks like this movie may deal with the same sort of thing.  Every time, Tony comes out of it stronger and better.

This is only the first teaser trailer, so more is sure to come.  Still, I think based on what we’ve seen, we’ve got some very solid bits of the Iron Man mythology showing up.


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