Stephen King is a pretty swell guy

Mr. King visited a high school in Canada that has spent a year stalking him.  That sounds like the plot to one of his novels, but in fact Sussex Regional High School in Sussex, New Brunswick, has spent a year carrying out a multimedia campaign to attract the author’s attention.  Students wrote letters, produced YouTube videos, and posted artwork based on his works.

So Mr. King just showed up one day.

Literally this is what happened.  Stephen King strolled into the high school, like it was no big deal.  That’s just awesome.

The author sat with a class of writing students, giving an impromptu writing seminar, and then addressed eighty theater students, talking about his work, his life, and his time as a teacher.  The teachers and students were simply floored that he showed up.

You can read more here.  Very classy, Mr. King.


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