Evil Dead Remake/Reboot Trailer

You may have seen this already, but yesterday the official trailer for the new Evil Dead movie came out.  This is a reboot/remake of the original series – specifically it seems to take parts from Evil Dead and Evil Dead II.  There is no Ash in this reboot, though from the trailer, some of the same things happen to the various characters that happened to Ash in the original.

I’ve heard two things from people who have seen the trailer – first, it looks like Cabin in the Woods.  To this I say, DUHHHHH.  Cabin in the Woods specifically was meant to look like Evil Dead.  It was a reference to Raimi’s classic.

Second, people have noted that this movie seems to emphasize the horror and downplay the comedy.  I’m of two minds on that.  First, the original Evil Dead wasn’t terribly funny, or wasn’t meant to be.  It wasn’t until Evil Dead II that the movie became more of a dark comedy.  The original Evil Dead did have it’s funny points, but it’s more of a straight horror flick.  Second, even the Evil Dead II trailer was cut to look like a straight horror movie.

The thing I remember most about the original Evil Dead from when I was a kid wasn’t that people ever said it was funny.  It was supposed to be one of the scariest movies ever made, and kids dared each other to watch it all the way through.  Evil Dead came out in 1981 – Jason was just hatcheting his first co-ed and only half of Michael Myer’s story had made it to the silver screen.  Freddy was still a gleam in the eye of Wes Craven.  Most of what makes Evil Dead funny isn’t the story, but the low budget and, of course, the awesome power of Bruce Campbell.

I agree that the movie looks to up the gross out factor, but both of the original Evil Dead movies did that in their day.  Eyeballs popping out, heads being bitten, it was all very gory for the time.  Evil Dead II had gallons and gallons of blood, so while this looks super-gory, so did the originals when they came out.

This movie has the full blessing of both Raimi and Campbell, something rare in these days of constant reboots and remakes.  It looks worth watching, at the very least, and certainly has to be better than “watching someone else’s furniture for an hour and a half”.  (ahem…Paranormal Activity)

Now if they just make a sequel that’s a remake of Army of Darkness….


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