The Kasdan Strikes Back

Deadline Hollywood says that Lawrence Kasdan is one of the writers being tapped for the Star Wars sequels, specifically episodes 8 and 9.  Kasdan was the script writer for The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi and Raiders of the Lost Ark.  He’s reportedly working with Simon Kinberg, who wrote X-Men First Class and Sherlock Holmes.

So all the panty-wetting by fan boys about these movies can just end, ok?

In other news, Lucasfilm is hoping to release 2-3 Star Wars films a year once they are up and running.  Does this scare you?  It shouldn’t.  They’re planning to follow the Marvel model with stories that link in to each other with the main movies coming out every few years.

Tell me you wouldn’t love to see, say, a bounty hunter movie, with a character who’s only minor in the primary films, but has their own role in their series.  Or a Jedi who almost falls to darkness.  Or hell, some Knights of the Old Republic movies that fit in with the new movies by being about the big bad that’s rediscovered in the present, sort of like Captain America’s cosmic cube being the MacGuffin in Avengers.

Star Wars has a VERY bright future ahead of it.  Anyone who thought it was dying or that selling to Disney was a mistake can just go to hell.  I have every confidence that, after three disappointing movies and a lot of missteps, we’re finally going to see some good Star Wars stories.


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