Rick McCallum bids farewell to Star Wars

You really have to be a true Star Wars geek to know who Rick McCallum.  Everyone’s heard of George Lucas, and naming actors is pretty easy, but knowing the producer for the Star Wars prequels is pretty geek worthy.  Not quite as geeky as knowing the fight choreographer was Nick Gillard and that he played a Jedi in Revenge of the Sith named Cin Drallig (his name backwards), but close enough.

Mr. McCallum was George’s right hand through most of the prequel era.  People who heap complaints on old Uncle George really should shovel a few Rick’s way.  But, despite or perhaps because of all the criticism, he was always optimistic and unashamed of his love of Star Wars.

He’s chosen to leave Lucasfilm after twenty years shepherding our favorite space opera.  In some ways this is sad, as Rick was the guy who was always a cheerleader, always excited about the next big Star Wars project.  On the other, this is not dissimilar to Rick Berman leaving Star Trek.  New blood will flow in and maybe we’ll see something a little less prequel and a little more…well…Star Wars.  Only time will tell.

However, for the most part Rick McCallum is parting on the best of terms, and everyone should wish him well.  In so many ways he was one of the people who kept the fire alight, and even if we don’t like all of what came from the prequels, we should all be happy they happened at all.  Mr. McCallum had a lot to do with that.


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