Previews of the Year to Come


Hello folks.  It’s the holidays and I haven’t been posting as much, but here’s some stuff that is coming up in the new year:

Eerie Ohio Article – The Ohio Lunatic Asylum (Columbus, Ohio)
Built in 1838, the original Ohio Lunatic Asylum burnt down in 1968, killing seven inmates in the process.  The origin of the fire was never determined.  It was rebuilt much larger, and operated until the late 1980s, when it was torn down and replaced by the Ohio Department of Transportation.  However, four very creepy cemeteries still occupy the land.  I’ll be delving into the history of this place and the doctor who claimed to cure 100% of his patients…

New Section – The Book of Mysteries
A new wing in the asylum known as the Mask of Reason will open, The Book of Mysteries, where I’ll house my posts on things like the Dyatlov Pass Incident as well as new articles on things like The Lead Masks Case and the paintings of Austin Osman Spare.  My Slenderman research will end up here too!

New Section – The Long Box
Since my article on Why Loki Won is the most popular thing here ever, and I like writing about comics in general, there will be a new section where I keep articles on comics and just a general ranting about the state of comic book stories in general.  The section is named after the long white cardboard boxes used to store comics, of course!

More to come!


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