Could Twin Peaks Return?

I love Twin Peaks, the quirky early 90s show by David Lynch and Mark Frost that explored a small mountain town, a murder, an FBI agent with a desperate love of coffee, and a woman with a log.  It was ahead of its time, a drama that would fit in nicely with shows like Lost, Breaking Bad, or Dexter.

In many ways it influenced all of those shows, and almost every drama that followed, by breaking away from the comfortable and putting viewers in an uncomfortable seat.  Lynch and Frost rolled the body into the room, made you sit there while they pulled back the sheet, and then took your hand and made you touch the dead flesh here and there, and despite expectations, viewers loved it.  The show didn’t crater in the ratings until they made the big reveal: who killed Laura Palmer?  If they had resisted the studio and fought to keep the mystery at the heart of the show (much like the nature of the Island in Lost), the show likely would have lived longer.

Now, however, there may be hope that the show could come back.  The funny thing is, it came from an internet rumor.  A few weeks ago, a rumor went around that a new Twin Peaks series was in the works.  It was quickly quashed, as there was no such thing, but then Jennifer Salke, president of NBC, caught wind of the rumor and now, just maybe, it might become real:

I called everybody when I got the email,” she said. “None of us had gotten a call about that, not from an agent, not from the writer, not the head of drama… so we’re wondering the same thing you are… ”When it came up we all looked at each other and said, ‘That’s a good idea.’ We were all kind of like, ‘Hmm, we like Twin Peaks!’ So, I’ll send some emails today, and see what I can get to come in.

That’s from an interview with  So maybe that kooky town in the mountains might be coming back.


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