Listen to this – Lindsey Stirling

I’m usually behind on the music scene.  I couldn’t name a single of the top ten songs right now.  I barely could name any of the artists.  Frankly, I don’t listen to the radio.  I tend to hear new music thanks to Pandora or happy accidents while web surfing.  So, if you have already heard of Lindsey Stirling, aka the Dancing Violinist, you might wonder what took me so long to discover her.

But I love this music.  I’m a fan of the violin, coming partially for my love of Sherlock Holmes.  And I also love dubstep.  It’s the only “modern” music genre I like, to be honest.  Mix them with a girl who’s just terribly adorable (adorkable even) and then add in video game and other geeky genres…oh it’s just heaven.

So if you haven’t heard her music before, here is Moon Trance, one of her songs that you can listen to on Youtube.  I picked it because, duh, zombies.


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