Why you should hate Glee and try to get it off the air

I’m no fan of the show Glee.  I know there were some Joss Whedon fans who really took a shine to it, but I wasn’t one of them.  I tried to watch their atrocious version of Rocky Horror wherein they changed “offensive lyrics” such as changing Sweet Transvestite to “I’m just a Sweet Transvestite from sensational Transylvania” (really…transvestite is ok, transsexual is not????).  It was so terrible I didn’t make it more than half way through.

The show is also supposedly set in Lima, Ohio, and is so much NOT Lima (which is maybe 45 minutes from my home town) that it’s pathetic.  It’s a small town in Ohio…there aren’t lots of musical theaters there and Lima is about an hour or two away from ANYWHERE like what they depict.  It’s as rural as it gets and makes the show that much more stupid.

But now they’re ripping off music and not even apologizing for it.

Jonathan Coulton, best known as the guy who wrote the ending songs for Portal and Portal II, did a slow, funny cover version of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s Baby Got Back.  It’s really pretty good.  Glee decided to rip  it off, and when I say rip it off, I mean they copied it exactly, even the slight lyric changes and a duck quack to cover a naught word.  When Coulton contacted the producers of Glee, they basically told him to take a hike.

So, not that I have that many readers or fans, but those I do, please do what you can to spread the word – this show needs to go.  It needs to crash so hard in the ratings it leaves a crater in its time slot for the next ten years to teach these asshats a lesson.


13 thoughts on “Why you should hate Glee and try to get it off the air

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  1. Agreed.

    Watched it for a stint and didn’t hate it initially. Slowly but surely, I began to grow annoyed with it (frankly? Too much singing. …and I know how that reads when we’re talking about a musical – especially when I am a notorious fan of (good) musicals). The RHPS episode was my breaking point. Hated it. Every painful second. (I adore The RHPS. I do not enjoy watching the things I love being brutally mauled.)

    Yup. Completely agree.

  2. I like Glee. I see that it has many flaws and I know that ripping off music is wrong and they should apologize. But I still think the show is important. If there had been a popular show like Glee when I was younger, i would have been so thankful. So many, varied characters, so many ‘outsiders’ developing into stars. I believe that it helps young gay/bisexual/overweight/transexual viewers to be proud of who they are. And that may not excuse Glee’s recent mistakes but it’s still a great achievement for a TV show.

  3. Nice usage of asshat, anyway I’m just going to say that not only should this show fail, but all the people resposible for the bastardisation of Rocky Horror should all be killed slowly and painfully and I mean everyone of them the actor, director, the crew, the catering service, assistants, whoever drove them to work and finally their parents for giving birth to the as you called them asshats who did that horrible thing.

  4. Truly this is the worst show in the history of tv. I will help take this joke of a tv show off the air. It’s not even allowed in my house

  5. First of all you should do your research because glee gets written consent from the artist of every song they cover so they are not ripping of songs. And also all of you haters are probably homophobic haters that have nothing better to do.

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