The terrible WWZ trailer

There is a full trailer for World War Z, the Brad Pitt vehicle based on Max Brooks’ brilliant novel of a post-zombie world:

Looks neat, huh?

No, it looks like a fucking train wreck.  Clearly this movie will have very little if anything to do with the book version.  This looks to be about as much based on the source material as The Running Man was.  In fact, we may be getting to Lawnmower Man territory.

World War Z was a wonderful set of stories, a gathering of perspectives from survivors.  This looks like generic zombie movie #2334348.  Considering Pitt claimed to be a fan of the source, how this could have gotten so far off the rails is beyond me.

There will be some who say, “who cares?  It’s a fun movie!”  Yes, the Transformers movies were “fun movies” too.  They were also absolute crap.  Everyone knows they were crap.  Most fans of Transformers wish they’d never been made.  I feel the same will come from this movie.

Some claim that you just can’t do accurate translations of the novel, which is probably true in the limited scope of a movie.  Then again, look at the Lord of the Rings – a ton of material fit into three films.  Focusing on a few of the stories from World War Z, such as Todd Wainio and the Battle of Yonkers, might have done just fine.  Sure, an HBO style series treated almost like a History Channel documentary series, would be ideal, but it could still be done as a movie series.

There may be arguments that Hollywood wouldn’t take risks such as a series based on zombies…but The Walking Dead is massively popular, and consider they made movies like Battleship without a moment of hesitation.

Time will tell, but I fear how awful this movie may be.


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