Ok, seriously…North Carolina Republicans…WTF?

A group of North Carolina Republicans have introduced a bill to establish a state religion.  This is not an April Fools joke, even though it was introduced on April 1st.

Look, I have a pretty low opinion of most Republicans as it is, but I’ve always believed that they at least were down with the Constitution of the United States and weren’t, you know, cartoon villains despite their various attempts to prove me wrong.  This, though, is beyond the pale.  This is literally evil.  There’s no other word for it.  This is the sort of stuff Lex Luthor or Mumm-Ra would be pulling.

These legislators need to not just be removed from their seats, but banned from ever holding public office again.  The level of stupidity and hubris they are exhibiting is nearly unthinkable.  This is the sort of thing that, should it pass (and I hope it does not), Washington should roll tanks into North Carolina and forcibly remove the state government.  And quite honestly, if the people of North Carolina are too damned stupid to not vote for mustache twirling villains, perhaps a decade or two as a territory managed by the federal government might straighten them out.

Or maybe we just need to clone William Tecumseh Sherman and let him deal with it.  Seriously, people, it’s 2013…we CANNOT be this stupid.


2 thoughts on “Ok, seriously…North Carolina Republicans…WTF?

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  1. I’ve been saying for months now that if a cartoon villain ever strikes you as over-the-top and unrealistic, just watch the right wing for awhile. Sooner or later someone will inevitably pop up who sounds like they escaped from a kids’ cartoon or comic book somewhere.

  2. Importing millions of muslims whose only goal in life is killing non muslims is a-ok with you and totally not insanity, you fucking imbecile. Not enforcing immigration laws and threating people with jail if they denounce the deliberate plot to flood America with 3rd world illegals that’s sanity for you you, fat brainwashed communist asshole. How is it a state religion evil compared to muslims killing soldiers in their forts and your asshole of a commmunist incompetent joke of president call it “workplace violence”? Fuck you, asshole. State religion might even be needed to counter the muslim invasion, braindead wingnuts like you support.

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