Winter Sucks Huge Donkey Balls

I am officially sick of winter.  This year has been one of the worst in decades, with temperatures plunging below -10 degrees here.  And just as we get out of that, we get a foot of snow dumped on us.  My car isn’t made for this weather, and I’m not either.  It almost makes me want to move somewhere warmer…unfortunately, most of the warm places are inhabited by conservative bigots and knuckleheads.

In any event, I’m sick and fucking tired of all this winter shit.  In the summer it can get so hot you don’t WANT to go anywhere, but it never actually keeps you from going anywhere.  Winter, on the other hand, locks you in place.


2 thoughts on “Winter Sucks Huge Donkey Balls

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  1. Wanna trade? 😁 Here in Australia it’s 40 degrees Celsius on average where I live. The heat is insane during summer. I wouldn’t mind experiencing some of your winter, I mean I’ve never seen snow in my life!

  2. You’re lucky. It sucks…. If you wake up every day and have to shovel out 2 feet of heavy snow and throw out your back just to get your car out just to drive on the dangerously slippery roads, and you get ice dams on your roof which causes expensive leak damage, and pay high prices to heat your home – all to just get through to the summer so that you can actually get out and enjoy life, you’d understand. I’ll take the heat any day… You can always turn on your air conditioner or jump into a pool. Cold is miserable

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