Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Speculation

So the show has gotten better, or maybe repeatedly watching it on Vudu has made me like it more, but it’s grown on me some.  It’s still incredibly infuriating in many respects, including never actually solving any mystery…but at least I don’t feel like I wasted my time watching an episode any more.  It is actually better when you watch episodes back to back.

Anyway, the secondary central mystery of the show (after the Coulson mystery) is “who is Skye?”  The show runners have hemmed and hawed about whether she’s an existing character or not, what her powers are, etc.  And I honestly have zero faith they will reveal the answer this season, but assuming they do, here’s my prediction…

I believe Skye is the cinematic universe version of Ultra-Girl.

Ok, you can now ask who the hell that might be.  You wouldn’t be the only one.  She’s not exactly Marvel A-list…or B, C, D, or maybe even E-list, but she is a Marvel character.  Specifically she’s a human/Kree hybrid sent to Earth to protect her from the other Kree (specifically the blue Kree) until she’s old enough to return to her homeworld and overthrow the tyrannical blue skins.  Or something.  And she a mutant too…because why the fuck not?  Basically she’s kind of a Marvel version of Supergirl – strength, speed, invulnerability, flight, even an x-ray vision type thing.  She even wore the Ms. Marvel red and blue original outfit for a time.  She hasn’t done too much…but she does honestly fit Skye’s possible background.

Some other clues – she was friends with Slapstick (a really weird Marvel character), who also palled around with a young boy named Mike Petersen…hmmm, sounds familiar! The extract from the Kree worked on her (and yes, I’m fairly damned certain that was a Kree…wonder if we’ll ever get a straight answer on that).  And she just sort of “gets” Earth technology but isn’t very scientifically inclined or really very educated at all…which would make sense if she had certain Kree skills implanted in her at birth.

Anyway, that’s my guess.  Maybe we’ll see.  I’m not holding my breath.  We don’t even know when a new episode will air – next week is the Marvel Cinematic Universe special, then it’s a repeat and then…well hell it could be next season before this damned season is even wrapped!


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