A New Hope

The world has become darker, more cynical and less fun than it was in the 1980s and 1970s.  Oh, sure, there were problems; oil shortages, hostages, Iran/Contra, but things didn’t feel so dark and depressing.  These days you have politicians running on platforms of pure hatred and bigotry winning national elections, a 24 hour “news” channel that’s dedicated to telling you how horrible this world is, and the rise of a whole generation whose brightest colors came out of a box of crayons.

We need a new hope.  We need the new Star Wars movie, and we need it to be about good triumphing over evil.  We need science fantasy, not science fiction.  We need a Doctor who promises no one will die that day, and no one does.  We need a time machine fueled by the Power of Love.  We need a Goblin King who moves the stars for no one.  We need a Gelfling to heal the broken crystal and reunite our terribly skeletal forms with our wise old masters.  We need an Optimus Prime who has the Touch.

So much misery and pain in this world is caused by forgetting that the world is a brighter place if we just want it to be.  If we stop complaining about lensflare and the age of actors and just for one second let ourselves be children again, filled with the wonder that a new story with flashing lightsabers and dark villains who are ultimately overthrown by the heroes is coming.  There are parts of the world falling into civil war, I know, and the economy isn’t so great, and there’s a hundred talking heads on the news trying to tell you why you should be depressed…FUCK THEM.  There’s still brightness out there.  There’s still a young boy flying on a broomstick after a golden snitch.  There’s still a ninja turtle hiding in the sewer eating pizza.  You just have to hope, and hold on to it.

The movies of the 80s and 90s and even 00s told us what we need to do.  Believe in ourselves, hold dear to each other, never give up hope, and love conquers all.  It can, if we let it.  We just really have to let all the dark and gritty junk we’ve saddled ourselves with fall away, and leave the bright and shining core of us all behind.


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