The Post Con Blues

I’ve been to a number of conventions, some good, some bad, but I almost always end up with the post con blues.  I’m having them right now, a feeling like the world is a little less shiny, that tomorrow is back to a grind of doldrums and boring meetings.  The energy of the con is gone, the fun has run out.  It’s over, and it will be another year until it comes back.

This will fade with time.  I’ll get back into my groove, and maybe will plan for next year.  A costume, maybe, or a panel!  And I’ll look through all the cons coming up.  Origins is just a month away, and then two months to Context and Buckeye Game Fest, and then Mid-Ohio-Con…and Dragoncon is there, but I know I can’t go this year.  Next year I can. The final shadow of my failed marriage will be gone and I can go again, and I will drag people with me come hell or high water.

But right now it hurts so very much.  The bright lights of the dealer room, the smell of leather and geek sweat, the nervous feel that I’m spending too much money, the fun of introducing friends to the con, even the cold air of the consuite and the terrible food that is made somehow better by the Larry, Moe and Curly zombies in the corner.  It’s raw and fresh in my mind, and it will be gone when the morning comes.

So I’ll stay up late, even though tomorrow will be a busy day at work.  Catching up always is.  But I will try to hold on.  I will watch episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer that I already know by heart and mourn that it’s no longer on tv.  I’ll remind myself that the Agents of SHIELD season (and NOT SERIES) finale is on tomorrow night.  Maybe I’ll play some SWTOR, and put on my leather bracers just to feel how good it felt to wear those proudly in public.

The post con blues suck.  You can’t be at the con 24/7, and I’m sure the dealers who go to all those shows get so very tired of it, but god it’s like the circus for nerds.  You just wish you could run away with them, follow the con around…but you can’t.  You have to live and you have to let it go.  You have to look forward to the other things in your life you like, and you have to let the depression roll off you because you know that it will come back next year.

Well, MARCON staff, you did something wonderful this year…you made me remember why I love cons so dearly and why I need them so very very much.  Thank you.


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