You can’t make this stuff up

Time for a bit of “news of the weird.” You may or may not know that legendary DJ and voice actor Casey Kasem is in very poor health. The man known for his weekly countdowns, and as the original voice of Shaggy on Scooby Do, has been bedridden for some time now. And then last month, he vanished.

That might sound dramatic, but he did literally vanish. His children from his first marriage had been feuding with his wife, Jean, whom you might remember from her tiny appearance in Ghostbusters (as Lewis’s date at the party) or her years on the sitcom, Cheers. Jean wasn’t allowing Casey’s children any visitation. They went to court, but the judge sided with Mrs. Casem. Then shit got weird.

In early May of this year, Kasem disappeared from his home in Santa Monica. This sparked a nationwide search for the beloved voice actor, and a couple of days later, he was discovered, with wife Jean, in Washington. Or rather, Jean was discovered. Casey wasn’t able to get out of bed. This time, the courts did find in favor of the children and ordered Jean to have a doctor examine Casey. The doctor found he had stage three bed sores as well as both a lung and bladder infection.

And here’s the really weird part, as if vanishing celebrities wasn’t weird enough. Kelli Kasem showed up with an ambulance to take her father to the hospital for treatment and her step-mother, Jean, attacked her with a pound of raw hamburger. You read that correctly – Jean Casem threw a pound of raw ground chuck at her step-daughter in an effort to keep her from taking Casey to the hospital.

What on earth possessed the woman to do this? The Bible, of course. She said she was emulating King David, throwing raw meat to the wolves so that they might pass by her door. Or something along those lines. This woman is seriously crazy.

In any event, at least Casey is now in the hospital and doctors are trying to get his conditions under control. But who knows just how weirder this story will get…


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