Two girls in Wisconsin take Slender Man way too far

I’ve mentioned before that I was a lurker on the Something Awful forums at the time Slender Man came into being. I still find Slender to be an interesting character, the first real internet-created monster, who went from a concept to full blown character in just a few days, and is now the star of stories, games, and videos. It’s probably akin to being someone who picked up the very first issue of X-Men when it first hit the stands now seeing Marvel’s mutants starring in a massively popular film chain.


The point is, though, that Slender Man is fictional, just like all of what came to be called Creepypasta. There is nothing special about Creepypasta – it’s just horror stories, no different than what Stephen King writes, or Lovecraft, or Poe, or even Shakespeare. They are stories intended to make you scared, but they aren’t real. The best stories do always have a seed of truth in them, but that’s different than expecting Carrie to be a real telekinetic girl, or chanting made up words hoping Cthulhu will rise from the depths. Most people understand this. Most people don’t need to be told that these are works of fiction.

Sadly, most does not mean all. And now we turn to the sad tale of two twelve year old girls from Wisconsin who decided Slender Man was real, Creepypasta was real, and made a plan to murder their friend in sacrifice to Slender Man.

The two girls made a plan to kill their friend during a birthday sleepover. After twice having to change plans because they couldn’t go through with it, they finally stabbed the girl 19 times after luring her into a nearby forest. The girls then left the victim to bleed out and headed into the woods where they believed there was a mansion where Slender Man would be waiting for them. Fortunately, the victim managed to crawl out of the woods. She was found and rushed to the hospital where she is in stable but critical condition.  The two girls were found a few hours later, wandering near a road on the edge of the forest, the weapon in a backpack.

The girls made it clear they had done this horrible act in an attempt to appease Slender Man, whom they believe to be real. They also believe Slender is the leader of Creepypasta, and that to join this world, one must commit murder. These two twelve year old girls convinced themselves that not only is a meme real, but that he lived in a magical mansion in the woods nearby. Sanity is clearly not a friend of these two.

I have to wonder, though, what on earth could have pushed them into believing this. When stuff like this happens, people try to immediately blame whatever is convenient, i.e., I’m sure the Creepypasta Wiki will be dealing with all sorts of angry parents who are too stupid to realize that a site dedicated to amateur horror stories did not drive two little girls to attempt murder. Thing is, this sort of stuff usually happens for personal reasons. Murder is a personal thing. It’s not about outside influences usually. That’s what we’d like to think, because no one wants to believe that someone can just become that fucked up in the head all on their own, but it can and does happen. Usually the influences that cause this are local – bad home life, school bullying, something like that. Blaming Creepypasta or the authors there is just not fair.

This story hasn’t kicked up a lot of national coverage yet, but it might…a cheap and easy way to show the “dangers of the interwebs” to idiots who would rather believe whatever the talking head on tv says than actually find out what happened.

It’s just a really sad day when someone uses something that was meant to be fun and interesting as an excuse for hurting people.

This is not cool, people.
This is not cool, people.

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  1. Just don’t forget to understand the difference between fiction and non-fiction, dream and reality. Don’t get carried away with ideas that are foul and stupid by any half decent standard of judgment. You don’t need to impress anyone but yourself, much less some cartoon character freak. It would be a better world if some of you kids would pull your heads out the virtual void and back into the world of the living.

  2. The way some focus on this issue is always an issue. As you said, they prefer to blame the outside forces like Creepypasta (rock, video games, movies) instead of exploring other factors. The outside factors do help to the madness, but are not a defining factor, since the problem is oftentimes more complex than just a media outlet – namely school, family education, chemistry and other.
    Then are those who just prefer to say that the girls were “defective” since birth – an opinion I can’t totally agree with. This notion of natural evil always makes me mad, since even if the child lacks of something since birth, with care an attention it can turned to something positive. The girls could not differentiate fiction from reality, and my guess is nobody helped them to acquire that basic skill…

    1. In a small defense of the media, I will say no one seems to be jumping on the bandwagon of “ban this stuff from the internet”. The worst I’ve seen so far is “you should better monitor your children’s online activity.” They do seem to complete skip the fact that the girls could have just as easily been reading scary books from the library or engaging in a make-believe game of their own design. Honestly, there’s nothing really wrong with twelve year olds reading about Slenderman on the creepypasta wiki any more than them reading Stephen King’s latest book or watching Nightmare on Elm Street. I’d say they’re a little young, but I vividly remember watching Ghostbusters at 10 years old (new post coming on that) and that’s just about as scary as Slenderman.

      I’d also counter that it is possible one of the girls was born “defective”, that is to say she might have a legitimate physical condition that causes her brain not to work right. That does happen – brain chemical imbalance is a real thing, and it would really not be the girl’s fault, any more than if she had a heart condition, but the fact it went diagnosed is bad. In that case, she needs help, not punishment. And it’s not “natural evil”, it’s being legitimately ill.

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