Hours and hours of thunderstorms

I find the sounds of rain and thunderstorms to be very, very soothing. I’m not alone in that; there are a number of thunderstorm CDs and sound machines for sale on Amazon (oh ConAir, is there any cheap electronic you don’t make?). But why pay for anything when you have the internet?

I’ve found that there’s a surprising number of thunderstorm sound loops on Youtube. I used these during work to block out my co-workers talking around me, but they would make good sleepy time streams as well, if you feel like either running through your phone’s data plan or putting your laptop or tablet beside your bed every night.

Here’s my current favorite, 11 hours of thunderstorms.

There’s even a whole channel set up for these, RainbirdHD, which has tons of HD loops of rain and thunder in chunks from an hour to eight hours in length. There’s even crackling fires and winter snow storms if your ambient sound needs run a little counter to the norm. My only complaint is that the image is static – it would be nice to be able to full screen the video and have lightning strikes or a fireplace image. Oh well, you can’t have everything

Here’s four hours of crackling fireplace sounds:



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  1. Love watching and listening to the storms here. Seem more violent and noisy here in northern France, to my natal Northern Ireland. Also far more sheet lightning, with whole sky lighting up, whereas back across the ponds, forked lightning was more the norm. While everybody cowers and trembles in fear i nearly dance with joy at nature’s spectacles.Love the articles and links – keep em coming.

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