Most people have heard of Mediums, individuals with the ability to hear and speak to the spirits of the dead. A rare gift, Mediums were commonly connected to the American Spiritualist movement of the late 19th century. In modern times, Mediums have parlayed their talents into television shows, and there was a long running drama literally called The Medium on CBS. Mediums have been featured in movies for many years as well, sometimes depicted as fortune tellers gazing into a crystal ball or leading a seance.

Much more rare than the gift to speak to ghosts is the ability to physically interact with them and control them. This is known as Thanokinesis, from the Greek Thanatos, god of death. A Thanokinetic is capable of both touching ghosts and commanding them, forcing them out of a location or controlling their movements. A Thanokinetic has similar ability to sense and speak with spirits, but their power is far more advanced.

This power is nearly unheard of, with only a handful of individuals ever known to claim to have these abilities. While some Mediums do purport to command the spirits, this is usually through cajoling or through some sort of spell craft. A Thanokinetic needs no incantation to force a ghost away, and can even injure or destroy spirits with their abilities.

6c974fcf044346c3359e86d7df93e538A similar discipline is Ectokinesis, the ability to create and manipulate ectoplasm. This was a common ability claimed by Spiritualists in the early 20th century, with the white, gauzy material often originating from the Spiritualist’s mouth or nose. Ghosts that manifest as ectoplasm could, in theory, be controlled by an Ectokinetic, and ectoplasm itself is able to interact with non-corporeal entities.

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