Sick Nurses

Year: 2007
Director: Piraphan Laoyont
IMDB Link:


Sick Nurses is a Thai horror flick that merges sexy with scary in a somewhat campy manner and manages to bring a nice twist to the typical Yurei ghost story.  In the movie, six nurses and a doctor have been illegally harvesting human organs from dead patients and selling them on the black market.  When one of the nurses threatens to go to the authorities, the other five (with the doctor watching) murder her.  Seven days later, her vengeful ghost returns for revenge.  Beware, there will be spoilers below.

The movie wastes little time, the entire back story folded into the main narrative via flashbacks and memories.  We learn that the nurse who was murdered was madly in love with the doctor and wanted to marry him, only to discover he was cheating on her with her sister, who happens to be one of the other nurses.  We also learn that the sister is pregnant with the doctor’s child.  Another shock is discovering that the doctor had been having a homosexual relationship, and that his lover wanted to marry him but the doctor told him that was impossible since they are men.

The main story follows the various means that the ghost uses to torment and finally kill the other nurses.  As fits this movie, the ghost nurse is both creepy and sexy at the same time, appearing as an all black shade with long white streaked hair.  She tortures each of the nurses in different ways, usually by controlling various parts of the nurse and forcing them to injure themselves or others.  One particularly gruesome scene shows the incestuous twins, with one sister sedated and the other forced to dismember her sister with a bone saw.

The movie features a wonderful twist – we learn that the murdered nurse is actually the doctor’s gay lover who underwent a sex change operation. The nurse thought he would then marry “her”, but the doctor wanted a wife who could bear his children.  The sister and the doctor both manage to survive the ghost’s attacks and burn her physical body which seems to end her reign of terror, until the nurse is reborn in a nasty little scene where he crawls, half male, half female, from between the sister’s legs and asks the doctor to marry him.

The movie is surprisingly light on actual nudity compared to its premise, with little more than side shots here and there, and though there are some very steamy scenes, none of them go further than your typical afternoon soap opera.  The movie is gory, but not overly so, with only one scene that really pushes the boundaries – one of the nurses chews up razor blades and loses her lower jaw.  She’s shown, jaw-less with her tongue flopping out, trying to speak.  It’s quite disgusting, but this is about the only really gruesome part of the whole movie.

The movie is currently showing on Netflix under Foreign Horror, and it’s not a bad way to spend about an hour and a half.

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