A Return to the Mask

It's been a long time since I took to this blog. I've been developing other blogs, working hard at my day job, and growing as a person. I'm ready now to return to this blog, though, which has so much more work put into it than I remember. I will be updating some of the... Continue Reading →

Sadomasochists from Beyond the Grave

It's been almost one year since I posted on this blog, though I have been writing on others, and continuing to write in general. However, in honor of it almost being Halloween, I thought I'd share some trivia from one of my favorite horror franchises, Hellraiser. First the title of this post, Sadomasochists from Beyond... Continue Reading →

My thoughts on #Gamergate

I don't intend to discuss this much, but here are my thoughts on the current controversy known as #Gamergate. #Gamergate, for those who haven't heard of it, is a campaign being carried out by folks in the gaming community that is supposed to be about ethics in game journalism. On the opposite side are people... Continue Reading →

Twin Peaks Returning to Television

Earlier today it was announced via a lovely video featuring Laura Palmer and the theme music that Twin Peaks will be returning to television after about 25 years. The new series will air on Showtime and is currently nine episodes long, all written and directed by David Lynch and Mark Frost. We don't know if... Continue Reading →

My Halloween Costume

Halloween 2014 is rapidly approaching, and this year I think it's time I did the logical thing and cosplay as someone I actually look like... ...yes, I'm going to do my rendition of Kevin Smith as Silent Bob. Specifically, Silent Bob from Mallrats. I have the coat, shoes, shorts and shirt. I need a black... Continue Reading →

Why I love Hellraiser

A friend of mine recently rekindled my love of Hellraiser, Clive Barker's most well known creation. We're still three years shy of the thirtieth anniversary, and there's a remake in the works that Barker himself is involved in, but I just wanted to mention my absolute love for this film and its sequel, Hellraiser II,... Continue Reading →

The Blue Rose 033 – The Dugout

My high school, like most in the American Midwest, revolved around the seasons; not fall, winter, and spring, but rather football, basketball, and baseball. The high school sat on a plot of land donated to the school district, about three miles outside of town, one two low, flat hills. There was the football field beside... Continue Reading →

Hours and hours of thunderstorms

I find the sounds of rain and thunderstorms to be very, very soothing. I'm not alone in that; there are a number of thunderstorm CDs and sound machines for sale on Amazon (oh ConAir, is there any cheap electronic you don't make?). But why pay for anything when you have the internet? I've found that... Continue Reading →

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