The Satanic Head

The cabeça Satânica or Satanic Head is a Brazilian ghost that is, as the name implies, only a head. Also known as the Wandering Head, the origin of this myth is unknown, but is likely based on Portuguese legends. The Satanic Head is described as having long, stringy black hair, glowing red eyes, and a high... Continue Reading →


Most people have heard of Mediums, individuals with the ability to hear and speak to the spirits of the dead. A rare gift, Mediums were commonly connected to the American Spiritualist movement of the late 19th century. In modern times, Mediums have parlayed their talents into television shows, and there was a long running drama... Continue Reading →

The Mother of the Gold

Legends of South American gold brought conquerors from Europe for centuries, many of whom murdered and pillaged their way across the continent searching for treasure. The Mother of the Gold is a ghost that lures these unscrupulous men to their doom. There are no specific descriptions of the Mother of the Gold because no one... Continue Reading →

Know Your Ghosts – Dullahan

Quite the popular spirit, the Irish name Dullahan might not be very well known, but it's Americanized version, The Headless Horseman, most certainly is.  And the legend of these harbingers of death go back much further than Washington Irving's tale. The Dullahan isn't precisely a ghost, or rather, it is a ghost, but it is... Continue Reading →

Know Your Ghosts – Gashadokuro

The Japanese have many wild and wonderful legends of ghostly beings, known as Yokai, and one of the most malevolent of them all is the Gashadokuro.  The name literally translates to "starving skeleton", but that doesn't do this spirit justice.  It's also known as Odokuro, which is the much more apt "giant skeleton".  The Gashadokuro... Continue Reading →

Know Your Ghosts – The Green Lady

A third type of "lady" ghost (in addition to White Ladies and Gray Ladies), the Green Lady ghost is a very specific specter from Hawaii.  There are ghosts, usually from Scotland, that inhabit castles and are known as Green Ladies.  However, these are clearly White Ladies despite the color difference.  They are spirits of noblewomen... Continue Reading →

Know Your Ghosts – Churel

Sometimes ghosts blur the line between spirit and monster. Once such ghost is the Churel of Southern Asia and India.  Also known as churail, chudail, and chudel, the Churel is a female spirit that preys upon men in a manner similar to a vampire. Churel is also a word for "witch", and they are considered... Continue Reading →

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