New King Movies in 2014

There are four new Stephen King Movies planned to come out this year, and I'd like to take a quick look at each, or at least the story behind each of them, and give my thoughts. First up is the one I'm most excited for - Cell.  Cell is King's zombie opus, and it's a... Continue Reading →

Haven – The Stephen King version of the X-Men

I am a binge watcher.  I like watching multiple episodes of a tv series.  In fact, I hate waiting for new episodes.  It's like reading a novel - I don't really like reading a chapter a week, I want to read the whole thing over a weekend.  I get serialized entertainment is good for the... Continue Reading →

On Writing Erotica

Recently I've dipped by toe into the pool of erotica, writing a series of stories set in a swinger club that I call, appropriately enough, Tales from the Club.  The stories aren't housed on wordpress - they contain very adult content, so I have them on a certain website that allows such things.  I won't... Continue Reading →

Stephen King interview

There's a really great interview with Mr. King on  He discusses storytelling and how sometimes you have to abandon a story that has a great seed, but no resolution.  His concept of "the one place even Superman can't go" is both amusing and a little terrifying. Enjoy!

King banned in highschool

I missed this little news item in all the election hoohaw.  Apparently last month Stephen King's Different Seasons, an anthology of four novellas, was pulled from the library shelves of California's Rocklin High School. Different Seasons is where the stories that were the basis for the films Stand By Me, Shawshank Redemption, and Apt Pupil came from.... Continue Reading →

Stephen King is a pretty swell guy

Mr. King visited a high school in Canada that has spent a year stalking him.  That sounds like the plot to one of his novels, but in fact Sussex Regional High School in Sussex, New Brunswick, has spent a year carrying out a multimedia campaign to attract the author's attention.  Students wrote letters, produced YouTube... Continue Reading →

Light has weight. How horrible.

Stephen King's IT is one of my favorite books of all times.  At one point Ben Hanscomb remembers how awful he felt when he learned in school that light has weight.  That was one of those things that struck me, how very human a reaction that is, to learn that something you take for granted,... Continue Reading →

Dark Tower movie project dead again (but only mostly dead)

The story of Ron Howard's attempts to get Stephen King's masterpiece, The Dark Tower, onto the big screen (and small screen) could be a King-sized novel of its own.  Now, however, a new chapter has been written, as Warner Brothers has officially passed on the project. Normally that would mean that a project is dead.... Continue Reading →

A Shining prequel?

The Sun is reporting that The Shining may soon have a prequel.  Which "The Shining"?  Kubrick's version, sadly, not the novel. The movie supposedly will focus on Jack Torrance's predecessor, Grady, and is being put together by the creative teams from Shutter Island and Black Swan.  Both good movies, but I kind of doubt they... Continue Reading →

The heroine of The Hunger Games is named Katniss? Really?

I haven't read The Hunger Games books, nor have I seen the movie. I could be all hip and say I read the books when they were originally called The Running Man or The Long Walk by Stephen King, or saw the movie when it was called Battle Royale and was Japanese, but to be... Continue Reading →

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