The Vile Vortices

You’re probably familiar with the Bermuda Triangle, but did you know it has eleven siblings?

According to cryptozoologist and paranormal expert Ivan Sanderson (1911-1973), there are twelve spots on the globe that are areas where ships, planes or people go missing for unexplained reasons.  He called these navigational hazards the Vile Vortices.

Sanderson’s “Bermuda Triangle” is more of a trapezoid, but it’s still the best known spot for mysterious ship and plane disappearances.  Oddly enough, despite its reputation, there are only a handful of actual known disappearances in the triangle.  The most well known is Flight 19, a military training flight.  Fourteen airmen vanished, and the search squadron sent to look for them also vanished, claiming an additional thirteen airmen.  Flight 19 is well known in part because it was featured prominently in Stephen Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Although the Bermuda Triangle is better known in the Western world, the Devil’s Sea (also called the Taiwan Triangle) south of Japan is also a source of missing ships and planes, and appears on Sanderson’s map (upper left corner, difficult to make out).  The Devil’s Sea has long been known to Asian sailors, and according to some reports, shortly after World War II the Japanese fleet lost several ships in the area prompting the government to declare the region unsafe for travel.

It would be easy to disregard Sanderson’s maps, but the man wasn’t your usual crackpot.  He worked for the British Naval Intelligence during World War II and traveled extensively as a young man.  He was an early follower of Charles Fort, and established the Ivan T. Sanderson Foundation, which eventually became the Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained (SITU) in 1967.

Others have refined Sanderson’s work, coming up with ten vile vortices instead of twelve.  These they sometimes claim are the “corners of the world”.

The meaning behind the vortices is unknown, and there are as many theories as people who study them.  Sanderson’s interest was more in cryptozoology, a term he himself coined.  However, everything from ley lines to magnetic field fluctuations have been used to explain the seemingly mysterious nature of the various vortices.  Perhaps there is another explanation…

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  1. We humans have a pattern of ridiculing the unknown…at least until a majority says it is so. The Vile Vortices theory sounds reasonable to me…just as much as laser surgery, cell phones & accupuncture are now no longer Star Trek scenes but mainstream technology.These VVortices could be a catastrophic threat to the earths magnetic field and should be studied. PS. 25 years ago I saw several friends lose everything over a little, property and freedom (jail time) Now politicians pushed legalized marijuana through Wash State , in great part to make $.Now the State is the drug pusher and all of a sudden it is socially acceptable…amazing!

  2. Its a really interesting theory and it sounds possible too. Its a very nice piece of research. And it is LOGICAL. Many other theories are just totally made up. I’m really looking forward to the day when it’ll all be unraveled. Keep up the awesome work!

    1. IF YOU HERE BECAUSE YOU SAW THAT HISTORY CHANNEL SHIT it’s not a documentary nothing in it was real. I can’t prove there isn’t some sort of phenomena at these locations but I can prove that doctor in the show is NOT A DOCTOR and his son getting mauled DID NOT HAPPEN. There is a disclaimer saying it’s NOT REAL and the History Channel should be ashamed of itself for tricking these idiots like EDDIEW1

      1. those parts mentioned may not be true, but almost everything else is, it’s tainted with a few big lies, like there are no natural lines in nature, bahahaha, that’s just one that made me laugh big time, sacred geometry and so many other things coud have made this fact, but that’s what they don;t want you to think about, they use lies to hide the ginormous truths, like the stuff about the nazi’s and ley lines and vortices is all real, even the group of people that have worked together throughout time to collaborate this idea, when you see the history of it, which history television did not show, it was fascinating, I researched so much more on this and am planning on ordering a earth star map and tracking teh ley lines in my area, raise awareness!

      2. First off the show from the history channel is real indeed.. if you payed attention to one part in particular, the narrator mentioned that one scene they showed WAS real, the actual live stream video sent back to the states for analysis was real, also in the stream video, another thing clearly stands out. Notice the behavior of the people and how it is similar to the dog, its clear that there was some sort of psychological phenomena taking place as it did with the dog, also you could clearly see that the people in the stream were not the same people in the show, the people in the show were actors doing a REENACTMENT, which was stated several times throughout the show. Meaning the information they were telling you, and the events that took place ACTUALLY happened. Also if you knew anything about science and the study of naturally occurring paramagnetic fields then you would know that the entire thing makes sense. @John, do us all a favor and actually do some research before making making assumptions as to something being “REAL” or not.

    2. “Many other theories are just totally made up” … This is literally Totally made up”. The history channel will even tell you that.

      1. Raise awareness! Krista lost her mind! They don’t want me to think about sacred geometry? Good I’d rather not waste my time. I’m sick of going to history channel and having to see this shit and then wait! Come learn about Ancient Astronaut Theory! Cmon man, how about think about ANY real issue here on this great earth of ours…. ANY ONE BUT THIS ONE

  3. Paaleeese!!! Why dies everyone have to jump to ALIENS every time they bump into their own limited imaginations!!!!?? Well its because the world billionaires in power at the moment are PROGRAMING US to accept their staged,fake, alien invasion soon to unify the planet under their sole control. But the correct answer is hidden in plain sight and recorded in every account of human history. THERE WAS A SINGLE WORLD WIDE CIVILIZATION A MERE 4,500 YEARS AGO BEFORE THE GREAT FLOOD OF NOAH THAT DESTROYED IT!!! A CIVILIZATION WITH SPACE FLIGHT AND COLONIES ON THE MOON AS WELL AS THE PLANET THAT MARS ONCE ROTATED AROUND AS A MOON. WHICH IS NOW CALLED “THE ASTEROID BELT. oh yeah, and there was only a single body of land as well as a single body of water to deal with at the time. The 12 magnetic vortices were used as a GPS system without the need for satellites. Cheers.

    1. “Recorded in every account of human history” please show me one account of human history that says we flew to the moon 4500 years ago. I could show you plenty of accounts that say we were chillin here on good ole earth. Also the solid land mass you are talking about is Pangea and that was about 150 million years ago. You probably wont believe though because scientists say that and they must be demon spawn.

    2. yes I feel the same…I think that documentary is somewhat real, but they have to say it is fake to make you calm down. they is so much on this planet that has not been explained yet and there is so much that has not been discovered. they cant say it was actual aliens, but maybe it was…who discovered this information because someone who something.

  4. Is it possible that the earth turns like a huge motor with an iron core at its centre and magnetic vortices as windings and oil for lubrication, but now we are depleting all it’s lubrication causing these weather anomalies

    1. I did a short compostition on the electrical motor which is Earth and the continual pumping out of the lubricants and the disappearing waters(cooling agents) of the planet while I was in community college back in the ‘late 70s and titled it Swan Song. Many things to consider on the overheating of planet Earth. We are certainly in on a Devil May Care ride into oblivion, or are we ?

  5. Is it possible that the moon is made out of blue cheese? Enough with the crackpot theories. The earth has been around for several billion years and I suspect the vile vortices have been too. A natural occurring event and nothing more!!!

    1. is it possible that you are a retard, i think so…anyone else agree?

      Dust and Basalt is the main component of the lunar surface and the planet itself. Basalt also makes up a large component of Earth and Moon rocks, formed from solidified lava, and is made up of the minerals pyroxene and plagioclase feldspar, sometimes with a bit of olivine

  6. Vile Vortices
    (Here is a picture of the 10 Vortices!)
    Do you know that there are 10 devils triangles some say 12, called Vile Vortices around the world…evenly spaced between northern and southern hemisphere, and from each other. All with a radioactive aluminum isotope that is working to slow down the inner workings of earth. It will stop our magneto sphere to make it another Mars, a no atmosphere planet that no one can live on….and isn’t it amazing it will succeed around 2023!! We will lose the magnetic field that disperses the sun’s rays, and all its radiation…People on earth at that time will be baked!! BUT…The Bible says the sun will beat upon the people, causing them burns and huge problems…so…it’s gonna happen…Christians will be gone of course, that much is promised us in the Bible!! A Scientist and his large crew tried to use an IMP to destroy the vortice in North West Africa, and they were all vaporized, after the experiment failed when a guy pulled an electric cable across the vile vortice. They are no more..not even a particle of them! They believed “aliens” or ‘Demon spawn’ put these Vile Vortices in place!)

    1. @eddiew1.. i honestly think that you need to have your mind examining by a psychologist.. the bible predicted thing to happen as if the world would be the same as it was when the predictions were made, BUT given our technological advancement i would say that there is a way to stop if not incapacitate the damage that the isotope 26 is doing. as im sure you watched the history channel show among many others, they mentioned a way to neutralize the effects of the isotope 26, if you watched the show you would have seen the effects of the small scale test they did in which they used an EMP to neutralize the effects of the isotope 26.. smh

    1. There was no scientist and no IMP… It was a fake documentary that History aired for entertainment and money… There is a disclaimer at the beginning…

  7. I honestly keep myself scheptic.
    I cannot deny the presence of another inteligente life out there. (Nor i cannot explain what i saw in the sky at night about 10 years ago…)
    But i do believe (not discarding the Alien possibility) that we’re probably the ones who constructed the vórtices (incl. pyramids, etc).
    Just think about it…
    Many things seem to prove that we already had somehow “Advanced Techonoly”.
    Religious inquisition destroyed too many rare books who could (probably) prove our history and origins.
    So… What if; we’ve been changing from planet to planet; or what if we have been placed here on Earth to continue our race by some unknown reason? (Maybe we screwed up up the past on another Planet or Planets)…
    Either ways hitting those Vórtices with EMP’s can and/or cannot be beneficial to the planet.
    Although it requires some inense study, and our 100% attention.
    Just a side personal thought:
    We should quit belonging to governments, systems etc, we must be free (very) fast. (Yes you do belong to someone. You are NOT free… To prove you this i ask you: “If you don’t want to belong to anyone, and if you want to live in a place that also doesnt belong to anyone… Where would you go?”)

    Pyramids; Stones, Vórtices; Chakras, and the Crop fields seems to me to be logically connected somehow… (and who know’s the theory of the Bilderberg Secret Group – See “Secret US Nazi Technology”).
    I coulnd’t give you an answer as well as i wanted to give you (Humanity) so much.
    But this is what my brain tells me (Forget all the psicology you know it is for me proven wrong).
    Note that our brain is capable of huge calculations without you noticing such calculations.
    (Maybe if we dont discard some ADN as junk and keep the mind open for new possibilities we can evolve further… And perhaps we’re limited intentionally).

    There’s so much to speculate, yet i feel we are being limited for those who own us…
    Note: Us: “People” = “Numbers”.

    Again running (or not) out of this thread theme… (While giving you something to think and connect)
    I do not wish to have 1 worldwide government. Thou i would like to see humanity taking of their mask, open their hearts; live as one and to evolve as one.
    If there’s Countries, Teams, Boundries.. Anything that splits something… There will be Rivality (“The Oposite”).

    Yet another study i’ve been making for years.. It seems to be impossible to get rid of “those” Greedy, Evil etc Persons… It seems that there will always be someone Greedier, Even more malefic etc… Inevitable, Nature is caos..
    There’s no right or wrong… Only what people feel.
    Like a good old friend of mine said (Professor Joseph Wheat):
    “There are no absolutes”.
    “Do you think what happened on Germany during the World War II was correct?”

    Where I instantly aswered: no…

    Then he repplied:
    “But maybe for Hitler felt correct”.

    Now let’s take out the mask and BE a “Society” on and with the correct terms.

    P.S: I’m not from my country. I’m not Portuguese,American, French, Russian nor German…
    I live in this planet along with all of you.

    Best Regards to All;

  8. …I forgot to add:

    I am not a scientist. Just a person with quite good abstract calculation brain.
    Nothing more, nothing special…

    But i do want Scientists to (Re)consider:

    “If we destroy the Magnetic Vórtices…”
    We may actually kill the Planet…
    Think about it: The Climatic events may occurr to keep earth moving, and probably to prevent the planet to die.
    If Earth is hotter could it be to keep the core liquid?

    If we destroy the Vórtices…
    We probably will “fix” (will it be a fix?) the climatic issues we are experiencing.
    Although it contradicts all the changes / Earth transformation events on the past.

    This planet (probably) always had Earth transformations.

    A small note to Governments:
    Put society working toghether to do scientific researches, remove the boundries, and listen to open minded people. (Yes many people may not have “degrees” but still there are many amazing brains out there and no one gives them value).
    Unlimit the Limits you impose.
    If you want a future on peace and technology… I’m sure that’s the way to go.

    Again my Best Regards;

    1. wtf, the planet has been perfectly fine in its existence and evolution without the magma solidifying. there has been constant progression of earth cycles you are just smoking too much crack.

  9. … err Sorry i need to add something more that just came onto my mind…
    All the Vórtices, Earth Magnetic Fields etc “could” lead to:

    Earth being a (dead or alive) spaceship.

    Also i see some resemblance / Connection on some invetions vs These vórtices and Earth Magnetic field.

    This is just theory (i’m not basing on anything) and i can be 100% wrong.
    Yet i would like to make scientists think about this:

    Earth is known to have a “Stable” magnetic field…
    So by combining some (How’s it made) techologies like:
    X-Ray + Magnetic Telescopes + Earth Gravity = Could result into a new on air Earth transportation.
    Yes you may say im a dreamer…
    But i think it is possible to have something similar (and/or better) that that futuristic Skateboard from “Back to the Future” or some king of metal sliding platform. (What if Isotope 26 – Aluminium) can create that possibility? (Paramagnetic stuff…)

    Ofcourse it’s just me and my abstract logic speaking…

    Now it is all. Eheheheh.

    Thank you all for Reading.

    Best Regards;

    1. I’m sorry. I’ve been mean. Let me try to break it down.
      -that’s not how hover crafts work, if it were we’d die because Al26 is radioactive, and I can’t even begin to explain what else was wrong with that xray-magnetic telescope shit you posted
      -nobody is trying to destroy these vortices because there is no real scientific evidence that they exist (or at least no evidence that the magnetic field is responsible),
      -the heating of the earth is from the greenhouse effect and it does not heat up the earths core, just the atmosphere.
      – you said psychology has been proven wrong and you put “degree” in quotations which shows me how uneducated you must be
      -which explains why you keep confusing the word “abstract” with “insane”

      Best regards

      1. Greenhouse effect my ass. You are aware that Mars has no fluid outer core, right? Then you must also be aware that it is an accepted fact that it once had one, right? Further, research has shown that both poles here on earth have had increased radiation in recent years.

        So, smart guy, don’t be so fast as to criticize other folks. you may be wrong.

      2. Joe,
        Can you please explain why you think radiation levels at the poles are increasing?? Well it is UV radiation from the sun. Yes, Joe, the sun has existed for a while now but there is more radiation now because of the greenhouse effect (your ass).

  10. Sorry but we are not smart enough, nor had the knowledge to palace all those vortices so evenly, until they came to China, then had to move it to the ocean, to keep it away from killing people. There are no Aliens, only Devils, Demons and demon spawn..Devils and Demons don’t die…demon spawn does…”alien” greys die!!

    1. Even if all of your theories were not based on a FAKE documentary, nothing you say makes any sense at all. I hope you don’t reproduce.

    2. you are a F**KING moron, there is no proof that demons and devils exist, we have more proof around of aliens than you do demons or devils, and before you jump to rip my throat out about there being evidence regarding demons or devils, all of the cases that have been recorded have been done so when someone has undergone an exorcism in which case there are drugs involved or the person is seriously mentally deranged

  11. Hello Eddie.

    I don’t understand your answer.
    In the past we had technology (either Alien or Human) that (some) don’t even exist today.
    Also there are records of it and as well of some rare books containing: Spiritual, Techonological records of our species.
    Therefore my comments above.
    I cannot deny that we probably have been one “Advanced Civilization” nor “we probably have been visited by Aliens”.
    But i can use the records to get somewhere.
    While these “Records” could be fake, i also assume the oposite if the we DID evolve the way schools format us with.

  12. The Vortices were put there for a purpose, they slowly slow the earth, so that one day our planet will be exactly the same as Mars..The Doc that tried an EMP to destroy the Vortex in Africa, and got vaporized, and his crew, vehicles, tents and trailers,,,Did it kill the Vortex? wish we knew!!

    1. I don’t know about any of this but, what i do know is that EMP fries electronics. So why in the supposed Africa experiment does none of their equipment get fried ?
      The cars worked the cameras worked seems to me the only thing that should still be working would have been the compass? Really this all seems like so much dooms day porn. When one dooms day event fails to occur. Someone needs to replace it with another. One more thing. in case anyone thinks the H2 “documentry” was real, it wasn’t. They were all actors and bad actors at best.

      1. So many things about that movie made me cringe, especially when they said formations like this aren’t in nature therefor aliens must have out them there, at that point he proved to me he wasn’t a scientist at all.

        The whole thing is based in fact and goes to back to plato even, geomancy, fascinating new science that is being ignored by the mainstream news and fictionalized for a reason.

        How could a world some 10,000 years ago even have known about these grids unless we were a advnaced civilization from the beginning, as more and more evidence is proving when one questions the history we were taught about “cavemen” and “barbarians” and uncivilized nations.
        As for the earthstar grid you should really delve deeper , great truths are told amongst greater lies if you have a curious mind to see. see earthstar grid, “is earth a crystal?” was a article published years ago.

      2. Krista, once you start talking about Geomancy everything you say should be considered insane but I’ll “Delve deeper”. Geomancy is not a “new science” it’s more like “Game of thrones fake magic”. Also please show me this evidence you talk about suggesting that their were never any cave men. Lastly, show me a single piece of evidence that any civilization 10,000 years ago new about these grids that may or may not even exist

      3. It had fried everything into powder at the very end, when he drug that heavy cable across the field…Vaporized cars, trucks tents and cable!…Not the guy that was in their van and two miles away! Wonder if it killed the Vortice?

  13. When they tried the EMP over the vortex, all the wires ran along and around the vortex, all the energy was put into the wires of the vortex. When that guy drew the huge cable over the top of the vortex, and all the energy that was in the vortex went into that cable and fried everything!
    A man named Judah Bin Soloman made predictions back in the 12th Century..Every one came true exactly as scheduled! One remains…in 2017…the last Jubilee year, Israel will sign a 7 year peace agreement with the anti-christ…and begins the last 7 years of absolute hell on earth!! All hell will break loose in the US around Sept. 13-14 of THIS year!!!

    1. What you watched on History was NOT A DOCUMENTARY it was all fake, it even said so at the beginning. There was no experiment and nobody got vaporized. It’s a docudrama just like the one from a couple years ago about the mermaids. Please don’t tell people about this new phenomena you learned about because you will make a fool of yourself.. As you already have on this forum.

    2. …Hey Eddie…..Whats the deal with U ?…..U seemed like U may not believe all this crap,..yet U also repeatedly blurp such idiotic jism as “Did the EMP kill the vertices after the guy shorted out the laden jars” and then launch into some judo-christian religious diatribe about seemingly ANYthing! BUT never failing to end yer social intercourse with “demodium spawn must die junk” Dig it man, “ITS NOT REAL”…It is just SORRY, (extremely so) entertainment! ..Jeeezz….Oh yeah,.it’s now past mid Oct. ’15….so which was the “hell that broke loose “..on Sept 13/14 ?..OH OOPS…Sorry!.. I keep imagining yer not insane…”last day of jubilee”,…Ineffindeed…!

  14. I have a degree in Nuclear Technology and have worked at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation and commercial nuclear reactors around the USA so I feel confident to say that I know nuclear probably better than most people. I found the History Channels docudrama on the Vile Vortices to be very interesting and plausible. One can’t discount the facts portrayed in the program in my opinion. Although I have heard of these vortices before, the History Channel brought it all together in a very informative presentation. I wish I had the resources to investigate this phenomenon further. I think there is more to learn about this subject and how these Vile Vortices may affect our planet and ultimately the human race.

    1. I’m not saying that it isn’t possible that something like this does exist but please don’t use that history channel shit as a credible source of anything. Nothing about that is real.. The awful acting and rediculous ending should make that very clear.

  15. If you believe in logic, reason, science, or any of the three, please do not read any of these comments they will just make you dumber. If you are here because you saw that History Channel “documentary” just know that there is nothing real about it and go on with your day.

    1. teh movie is fiction, yes yes yes, but the information within in it isnt all B.S, truthes are hidden amongst lies and fiction to be ridiculed, so that when it crosses you path later, you will disount it as false, giving you bias to your opinion on any new relevent information that may present itself, remain skeptical yet curious

      1. krista,
        you keep just throwing words together and hoping that it’s a tangible sentence, but no matter how many times you say the word “evidence”, it does not make it real. Show me this evidence, and it needs to be from a credible source, not a fiction writer who loved fringe science and called himself a cryptozoolgist

      1. you ‘ll find this story based in fact a lot more then one would imagine, check out how his dad died, wow, based on the shitty acting and such ,could have been a amzing film, even real documentary, oh well someone on youtube will probably do better.

      2. So he was fiction writer who specialized cryptozoology which is, by definition, a pseudoscience? Seems like a credible source..

  16. There are some REAL scientists that work in the “esoteric fields” and it takes a lifetime to gather enough evidence to posit a theory… THEN? A-holes (*yes, a capital A!) like Don Murphy and his fake actor shills create really bad sci-fi in the fake docudrama vein. Don’t get me wrong, entertainment is fine with me, however…. there are alot of less than sharp tacks out there and I get left feeling like I have to protect the innocent sheep from the sociopathic fakers.
    Just because some actor (*bad actors all!) throws out terms like “laylines, emp, magnetic fields, haarp, aluminum26 (*– look that up!) and the two final kickers? using “leyden jars” as capacitors and the “incredible” final footage of them being turned into toast…?? < but the camera survived, LMAO!!! wakey wakey bah bahhhhh sheep!!!

  17. why is it people need to create a way to have the earth destroyed by something we didn’t do? could it be people need to feel it necessary to distract us from the fact we are poisoning our planet by using it as a dump site. it’s kind of the way are tax dollars are being spent to sell us on the idea smoking causes all the cancers in the world. almost 9
    0 percent of man made items are known to cause cancer yet everybody gets all excited and interested in the worlds outcome over what may or may not be alien in nature or a natural occurrence. So I ask who gives a shit about some aluminum isotope 26 deposits that may or may not effect us in the next 10 thousand years. how about cleaning up the crap we have dumped on to this planet that will kill us in the next 100 years. Or better yet let’s put an end to the new threat that is spreading like wild fire, fracking. which is poisoning all are aquifers and fresh waters. or you all can accept the fact as long as you make yourself feel intelligent JOHN you all could care less about getting of your ass’s and actually doing something to change the human impact on our planet.

    1. And I’m totally sure your doing something to help the planet. Maybe you should try improving yourself before you start improving other people. You are one of those people who criticize other people while not critizing yourself. Any idiot can criticize other people but it takes a real man to criticize themself. HYPOCRITE.

  18. go and make a billion dollars and live on your own city in international water so you can say and do what you want.

  19. The earth has gone through cycles throughout its history. The earth will naturally run its course and be desolate by time and not humans.

  20. Things like this is scary..
    But i believe that even earth has
    secrets.. Things we cant explain..

    But these.. Vile Vortices
    I cant help but to think..
    If its something more than what it is..
    People tend to call them
    “devil graveyards” yet what if they are
    Some sort of natural engine?.
    Like a continuous whirldwind in a bottle
    Perfectly placed in world..

    Have these Vile Vortices been around
    Since the dinosaur ages? And can they produce energy? Or force?? Like how humans used watermills?.

    What if one of them stopped?.

    1. The one near Hawaii actually stopped working due to US nuclear activity in the area. Oh No!!! Oh wait. Nothing bad is happening. What drugs were you on when you made that post.

  21. I pray you all hear this. The History Channel is owned by NBC/Universal. They are clearly trying to re-write all of history and with that all of known religious beliefs. I have a 100 things in my head right off the bat,but here is a sampling.From Ancient Aliens and UFO show: 1) Mary the Mother of Christ was impregnated by aliens.2) Einstein and Copernicus and Newton and even Hawking are all brain embellished/empowered by aliens. 3) The pyramids were built by aliens, despite the Egyptians having scribbled drawings of how they did it on walls. Now we have this vortice thing and I could see that it was BS as I watched it…The show put on by the scientists was worthy of the Little Rascals with Carla, the female scientist, and Spanky, the male scientist, and the reporter as Alfalfa and all high strung and getting in each others way and with cardboard protective shields for an explosion that they know could be huge…HUH????!!!!!
    What a bunch of hoaky horse dung.Now I hear that the ‘H’ stones at Puma Punku are indeed Limestone and not the very hard Granite form as asserted by David Childress…and let us not forget Giorgio.You know Giorgio who says he is Swiss yet he has a Brooklyn accent.He’s a brooklyn or queens greek, probably Flushing,NY and went to ithaca College….Swiss people come here to the US to go to ithaca College????? Hell Cornell is right next door….go there…..
    I believe NOTHING these people say. They are funny though.

  22. we are not the first inteligent creature on this planet,
    the other’s have been wipped out by asteroids
    and soon we will be the next.

  23. neanderthal’s, hobbit’s, denesovian’s and the other branch’s
    of homosapien’s, we ate them all, tasty, make’s ya wonder
    why the bigfoot’s don’t wanna come outta tree line’s.

  24. WoW….
    75% of what I just read is fukn cray cray. Not to point any fingers, and ya all know who I’m talking about(and so do you)Ya sound like you are a mental bully. Get a clue bubba and leave these people alone.
    There was several that actually offered up some great point of views and logic. However most are not even close to truth, but are fun to think about.
    From the beginning, to now, and to come, there will always be some person with a wild idea they want to shove off on humanity. The real challenge is knowing which to even consider to be truthful.
    Btw…. If Al26 was a real issue, you can BET YOR SWEET ASSES that the u.s. would have it ALL covered up and you would know absolutely nothing of it 😉😚

  25. Calling THC a history channel is being overly kind,but an insult anyone of superior reasoning. It boggles my mind that people watch this sci-fi garbage,and try to come off as intelligent to others.What is an advanced degree worth today? As much as a “university” can rob you of and give you a piece to make you believe you’re a “doctor” of something. Mankind is, by and large, a defective organism that should have already extinguished itself before having destroyed the higher life forms of a beautiful planet…the animals.

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