Exorcism and You

Removing a ghost from your home can be both harder and easier than you might think.  It really depends on the type of haunting you’re experiencing.  There are two primary types: Recurring and Resident.  Recurring hauntings are simple reenactments of actions.  These are the most common type of hauntings, and the ghosts involved aren’t really ghosts at all; they’re just impressions left on the psychic plane that recur like a CD player left on repeat.  Resident hauntings are intelligent entities that can take individual actions.  These are more dangerous hauntings, and are the type you might call “Hollywood hauntings”.  There are other types of hauntings, including Entities, which are extremely dangerous to deal with and should only be dealt with by a professional.  However, there are some common steps that can help with all hauntings.

First and foremost, you must rid yourself of the misconceptions placed in your mind by the media.  On even the most “sincere” ghost hunting shows, often times when a ghost needs removed they use a religious ceremony.  Let me tell you right now that unless the ghost you’re dealing with is a devout Catholic, an exorcism by a priest or psychic isn’t going to do anything but piss off the spirit (or make it laugh).  Crosses, holy water, rosary beads and incense won’t drive a ghost away.  They may put you in a better frame of mind, and in some cases that alone might push a ghost out of your house, but honestly trying to use religious means to exorcise a ghost is like trying to use a bandaid to patch a flat tire – it just isn’t likely to work.

Second, remember that most psychics don’t know what they’re actually doing and they, too, are just following a religion.  Most psychics who aren’t frauds simply feel the atmosphere of the home.  If you’re stressed out about a haunting, guess what the atmosphere of your home is going to feel like?  It’s like trying to tune a radio near an electrical generator – you’re going to get so much static that you’re mostly just imagining hearing things.

Remember that both religious people and psychics often aren’t out to do you harm.  They want to help and think they can do something.  However, they’re more likely to make things worse instead of better.  No matter how well meaning, poking a hornet’s nest with a stick isn’t a good way to get rid of the hornets!

So what do you do if you can’t find someone like me who actually knows how to deal with ghosts?  Like I said, there are some general things you can do which should provide some relief:

Chalcedony – a very common mineral, chalcedony is a family of stones that includes agate, aventurine, carnelian and onyx to name a few varieties.  It’s primarily made up of Silicon Dioxide (SiO2), which for reasons I won’t go into here (it’s pretty damned technical, and you’d be bored to tears to hear me talking about electrical valences and so forth) makes this stone a pretty potent anti-ghost charm.  Wearing chalcedony can hold ghosts at bay or hurt them if you thrust it into their being.  This is one of the reasons Catholic exorcisms sometimes seem to work – rosary beads are often made of agate, and if the priest gives a set to the people being haunted, it can, quite accidentally, help solve the haunting.

Along with chalcedony, another common mineral can disrupt ghosts: salt.  Plain old sodium chloride can make ghosts run the other way.  Sodium iodide doesn’t work, which is why “blessed salt” sometimes used in exorcisms can actually stop hauntings – it’s sea salt, pure NaCl.  It’s the sodium that seems to be important, as calcium chloride (road salt) is also effective.  Ever wonder why you don’t hear about as many “ghosts hitchhikers” in winter?  It’s all the salt on the roads!

Salt Rings

Salt can be poured in a line to make barriers that ghosts can’t easily cross.  Note that they can cross the line, much as a dog with an “invisible fence” collar can cross it if it’s determined enough.  However, unless the spirit is really angry, a line of salt should work.  Pouring it into a complete circle around someone makes it even more potent, as then you’re moving into the realm of magic circles and creating a complete circuit.  The old superstition of tossing salt over the shoulder also stems from this weakness and tossing handfuls of salt in the air when a ghost becomes belligerent can force them to retreat.

Some things to avoid when confronting a ghost: first, don’t taunt it.  Don’t threaten it or act with false bravado.  Be stern and strong willed, but don’t hide your fear behind a false front of anger.  It doesn’t work, and it will only make the ghost stronger.  Second, try not to panic.  It’s hard to do when it’s dark and there are strange sounds and maybe doors slamming, but just like your should stay calm in a fire or tornado, doing so during a paranormal event is just as important.  In fact, the same sort of safety tips you’d follow in a tornado or earthquake apply to a ghost attack: avoid windows and glass at all costs, find cover, stay low, and if possible, retreat to a safe place.  That may mean a basement, which may seem like the worst place to go, but unless you’re dealing with someone buried under the house, being in a dark and spooky basement is just that – dark and spooky, but otherwise no different than anywhere else in your house.  It’s probably safer as there won’t be as many things for a ghost to harm you with.  If a ghost can harm you without using physical objects, you’re dealing with something much bigger than a regular haunting and need to contact a professional.

Remember always that a ghost reacts based on instinct.  Don’t think of it as a person, think of it like a tiger on the prowl.  It isn’t fully aware of the world around it, isn’t capable of understanding what it’s doing.  It’s simply reacting instinctively.  Ascribing greater intellect to it only puts you at a disadvantage.  A ghost can be cunning and clever, but your average human being is more aware and more intelligent (again, unless you’re dealing with an entity, which is something far more dangerous).  Most times a ghost can be pushed out of a house by people who are smart, don’t panic, and use the tools mentioned above to protect themselves.

I should mention that while there are ghosts looking to finish business in the real world, most are not.  They’re bound to the world for reasons that can’t be resolved by finding their favorite lost teddy bear or discovering who really killed them.  Most times they have deep psychological issues holding them to this world.  However, as I said, they are cunning.  If they think they can take advantage of you, they will.  They’ll play on anything you pitch to them.  They might even take on identities that are not their own.  It’s a game to them, like a dog playing fetch.  The dog doesn’t care if you throw a ball or a stick or a frisbee, they just know to go pick it up and bring it back.  If you believe the ghost haunting you is your Aunt Millie trying to tell you where she hid her preserves recipe, then the ghost will act like it, even if they have nothing to do with Aunt Millie and her famous preserves.

The most important thing to remember when dealing with ghosts is that the second you cede control to them, the second you let the fear you feel control you instead of you controlling it, the ghost gains the power.  Then it’s a lot harder to push them out.

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  1. This is actually true. Rosaries don’t work. We tried to do it once when we were drinking at this isolated place and we disturbed the spirits, and it possessed one of my friends. I think it was around 3 AM in the morning, and around 4 AM, it left. During that really challenging and fearful ordeal, we tried to pray the Rosary to which the ghost laughed and replied (via my friend): “That won’t work on me.”

    Still bothered why it left at exactly 4 AM though…

      1. A rosary wouldn’t do anything. Mary does not give us authority over evil spirits. Jesus does. I’ve dealt with possessions and other forms of demonic activity in the past. No rituals required, just a strict order telling the thing to “come out and go” in Jesus Name and it’s gone. Kicking evil spirits’ teeth in is so much easier in Christianity than it’s taught. Read the Gospel of Mark and the Book of Acts, and do what Jesus and Paul do.

  2. Great post. I was checking constantly this blog and I’m impressed! Very useful info particularly the ultimate section 🙂 I maintain such info much. I was looking for this certain info for a very lengthy time. Thanks and good luck.

  3. Hi my name is jazmin my family bought our home 20 yrs ago and many people have experienced paranormal things lately ita gotten worse and thwy have been scaring my mom and shes being harrased by a white face smoke like she is freaked out we dont know what to do anymore my mom doesnt want anybody to think shes crazy because i.myself have experienced things and my sister aswell where they try to get on top of you and you cant move scream or get anyone to help you can you please help im very worried for my mom because of her high blood pressure and diabetes. message me at jazmin.ibarra90@yahoo.com

  4. You can only remove such things in the name of Jesus. There is no other greater exorcist than Christ. Solomon was referenced as being a great exorcist by Christ but Christ said I come and am more powerful and greater than Solomon. Don’t enter into what you don’t know. Call clergy who do this professionally. May the Power Of Christ be with you.

  5. Look, ghosts’ are harder to exorcise and some may not even leave at all. Why? Because ghosts (human spirits) never seen God. The Bible doesn’t even mention where a human spirit goes after death. Don’t say yes it does, heaven or hell, no. No human spirit is even allowed in heaven or hell…yet. Earth, I believe is just a holding place until whatever type of judgement comes (if you do believe in religion that is). But ghostly spirits have never seen God so why do they have to scared of a cross, holy water, and a bunch a prayer and Latin? No. Now demons are afraid of that because they have seen God. They’ve seen him, we as humans and ghosts, have not seen God. That’s why usually a priest cannot remove a human spirit but a shaman or someone that is specialized in hoodoo or some other spiritual practice rather than strictly religious practices. That’s the key mystery because these religious symbols and prayers and stuff aren’t going to get a human spirit out of your house. Demons can only be removed religiously. (As in Catholic practices and even chrisitian practices and some others).

  6. Does this guy really think that salt will do anything to a demon? Laughable. I’ve been under serious demonic attack for three years after a fortuneteller I went to did black magic on me. Never ever go to these people..they are pure evil. That being said, the ONLY way to fight demons is to put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ and Arch Angel Michael. Pray to them with full faith and intention. You will feel their energy come and it is very powerful love energy that will push these negative entities away from you. They will, also, send smaller angels to remove them. Praying the rosary does work, but just saying the prayers doesn’t do anything. The rosary is meant to be said as a reflection on the stations of the cross of Jesus Christ. It is a prayer to both Mary and Jesus and it does work if you say it with intention and faith. I have met many people who were delivered from demons by saying the rosary for hours everyday. Mary will come to comfort you if you pray to her and her love energy is amazing and pure, but rarely will she ever remove a demon without faith in her son. I prayed a lot to Mary during my battle and she actually appeared to me. Her message was basically have faith and she actually told me to turn to her son. As a side note, demons HATE Mary. You should hear the things they telepathically put in my head against her….and yes demons can both read your mind and put thoughts into your mind. Once they are around your aura there isn’t much you can do about this. You just have to try to ignore it. You don’t need to say long winded prayers to bring in God’s love energy and light beings to aid you, in fact it is not so much in what you say but it’s your intention/faith that opens the door. The battle is in your mind. Your mind is a part of your soul that is very powerful and connects you to the other side through faith and intention. There was a Catholic visionary that asked Mary how to pray and the prayer she gave him was ‘Jesus cover me in your precious blood.’ If you close your eyes and picture Jesus in your mind and repeat that prayer over and over you will be filled with and surrounded by His love. That love will cleanse your soul, strengthen your aura, and push these entities away from you. I, also, strongly suggest praying to Arch Angel Michael. He is VERY powerful. Don’t give up. Sometimes it takes weeks, months, and even years of prayer to get rid of these things. It depends on the entity/demon and how strong and determined they are. You just have to keep the faith and keep reaching out. The light will not help you unless you ask. I don’t know why that is, but it seems to be universal law. Also, don’t bother trying anything in the physical realm like burning sage/copal/frankensense, drinking holy water, wearing protective jewelry or carrying blessed objects, burying your hair in a jar with a spell, standing under running water, put an iron bar under your bed…there were SO many stupid things people told me to do and NONE of it works. I have tried EVERYTHING. I reached out to pastors, priests, healers and numerous Shamans…they did nothing to help. They will even tell you that it is your responsibility to assist in your own healing/deliverence. For some reason, and I don’t know why, but once a demon or entity sets it’s sights on you, no one else can really help you…it becomes up to you to fight. It is ONLY your own faith in light beings that does anything. AND if you plan to take the ‘nonreligious’ route and consult with White Witches or Shamans…just know that 90% of them will tell you to pray to Arch Angel Michael. Sorry to burst anyones bubble but you kind of have to turn to religion in some aspect when you’re fighting with these things. Good luck.

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