Native Americans have many myths and legends, but none so bloodcurdling as the Acheri.

tumblr_mn28ysdZjc1r0zy79o1_250The Acheri is a Chippewa legend of a young girl who dies a “bad death.” Usually this would mean the child was either murdered or, more likely, abused and then murdered or left for dead.  They may also have died from infection or disease.  The spirit of the dead girl then rises and becomes a plague upon the living known as the Acheri.

A type of revenge spirit, the Acheri is said to dwell on moutain sides and hill tops, waiting until night to come down into the valleys and spread disease among the children of a tribe.  The Acheri does not need to touch its victims, it merely has to cast its shadow upon them, and the child will then succumb to a terrible respiratory disease that will surely kill them. Its touch, however, is just as potent at spreading disease.

The Acheri, while nominally out for vengeance, is not very specific in its targets.  It will kill any children it can, and will turn on adults too, if it must.  It rarely seeks revenge only on those who wronged it in life.

The spirit can appear as a normal, if somewhat gaunt, child, and thus pass through a village unnoticed.  Its true form is more monstrous, but rarely seen unless it is cornered.  It will usually withdraw to its mountain home if noticed by adults. Occasionally it will attempt to lure children back to its home, where they will meet a grisly fate.  Acheri seem to gain in power the more people they harm.


Bracelets or necklaces made of red thread are said to ward off the Acheri, and young Chippewa children are often given woven red necklaces to keep them safe.  Red is a common color for anti-spirit charms, prevalent in both Europe and Asia as well as the Native American legends.

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