Library of the Living Dead – Made you Flinch Again – Cancelled

So it seems that an anthology that had accepted one of my works, Cousins, has been cancelled.  Library of the Living Dead Press has fallen on hard times and the publisher can't afford to put out anthologies for a while. It's a sad note to end the week on, but I understand business decisions have... Continue Reading →

Smelly Books

This weekend I stopped at Half-Price Books.  If you don't have one near you, I'm very sorry for you, because it's a great place.  The name is pretty much dead on - they sell used books for about half the cover price.  Sometimes it's less than that, especially on hardback books, and they have clearance... Continue Reading →

I’ve gone and lost my head.

Actually, I haven't, but this is the wonderful version of me from May December Publication's Chivalry is Dead anthology.  The book is out for Kindle already, and the print version should be available soon. I have to hand it to May December, they do a wonderful job with the artwork for these books, and this... Continue Reading →

NPR’s best sci-fi/fantasy novels of all time

NPR is currently running a poll to create a list of the 100 best sci-fi/fantasy novels of all time.  The rules are on the page, but the one that trips me up some is no horror - that will be another list for a later time.  Also, being limited to five books/series is difficult as... Continue Reading →

B. Dalton and the magical two-story book store

I recently posted some of my youthful memories of the mall my mother and I visited often in the 1980s.  There was something I was reminded of while writing that entry. There was one store at the mall that honestly always felt like magic to me.  That store was the B. Dalton Bookseller. You may... Continue Reading →

Another acceptance! Cousins to be featured in Made You Flinch – Again!

I received word yesterday that my story, Cousins, will be featured in the new anthology Made You Flinch - Again! from Library of the Living Dead.  The story is a pseudo-Lovecraftian tale of a man rediscovering his roots, and it was one of the first short stories I ever wrote.  It will be good to... Continue Reading →

A collection of Necronomicons

Everyone should collect something.  It gives you a hobby, a way to pass time, a diversion. Some people collect stamps, others collect Beanie Babies or baseball cards.  I have a collection.  I collect Necronomicons. I own four print books titled Necronomicon.  The first and best is the one produced by Chaosium and features stories based... Continue Reading →

Interviews with May December’s TW Brown

TW Brown is the man behind May December Publications, and along with his wife, Denise, manages to herd us stray cats known as authors into great anthology series.  He's an author himself, and quite a good one at that, with several books coming out this year. Living Dead Corner, a zombie blog, had an interview... Continue Reading →

I’ve gotten “married”!?!

May December Publications, the publisher of Eye Witness Zombie and the upcoming Chivalry is Dead anthology, has come up with an interesting idea.  Along with Chivalry is Dead, there is an all female author anthology called Hell Hath No Fury coming out around the same time, and the two books together form a sort of... Continue Reading →

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