It’s the goddamned future – asteroid mining!

James Cameron (yes, THAT James Cameron) and Google are teaming up to...mine asteroids.  Holy hell. This might sound like pie in the sky thinking, but it's been long established that near-Earth asteroids could potentially be mined for resources.  It works just about the same as settling does on Earth - find a source of water... Continue Reading →

The best movie of 2012 will be Cabin in the Woods

O.k., so you might know about this movie that Joss Whedon is heavily involved in, planned for this summer, which will likely be one of the best movies ever.  No, not the Avengers (though I do have high hopes it will be awesome).  I'm talking about Cabin in the Woods, the movie written and directed... Continue Reading →

The heroine of The Hunger Games is named Katniss? Really?

I haven't read The Hunger Games books, nor have I seen the movie. I could be all hip and say I read the books when they were originally called The Running Man or The Long Walk by Stephen King, or saw the movie when it was called Battle Royale and was Japanese, but to be... Continue Reading →

Stephen King’s new musical with John Mellencamp

If you weren't aware, Stephen King is my favorite author.  He also happens to have a musical side.  He's part of a band with other authors, the Rock Bottom Remainders, and co-wrote the Michael Jackson musical short, Ghosts. Now he's teamed up with musician John Mellencamp to produce a musical called Ghost Brothers of Darkland... Continue Reading →

Baptism for the dead – this would make a killer horror movie

You may or may not have heard about the controversial ritual that Mormons have been practicing for a while that "baptizes" dead folks by proxy.  The controversy stems from the fact that they were doing this with Holocaust victims, and some folks had a problem with that.  It was mostly taken care of in the... Continue Reading →

Scary Pictures (aka, when you see it…)

I'm a sucker for "When you see it..." pictures.  These are usually pics that have something weird or out of place in them that you won't see unless you look closely. Huffington Post has a couple of good ones I thought I'd share. Here's the first: Looks like a nice, normal pic of some people... Continue Reading →

Why is this image disturbing?

I saw this article at about why the picture below is disturbing: Here's a quote from the article: "To find no recognition of separateness or personhood in the eyes of another is to have one's identity shaken and sense of control stripped away. It's part of what makes some of Steven Moffat's Doctor Who monsters so terrifying,... Continue Reading →

Secret societies, cryptography, and Hellboy

This truly does sound like a plot from a Hellboy comic or movie - an 18th century text was discovered in a repository in what was once East Germany, a text encoded in a mysterious cipher.  Now, thanks to computer cryptography, a team of American and Swedish researchers have cracked the code.  And what they... Continue Reading →

Let me Google that for you – the most awesome site ever!

Do you have a friend who constantly asks stupid questions that they could easily look up on Google?  Do you have a co-worker who can't be arsed to open a web browser and click the search button?  How about a significant other who expects you to be a walking encyclopedia? Now there's a way to... Continue Reading →

The Mysterious Pineal Gland

The mythical "third eye", the pineal gland is a small nodule inside the human brain.  For centuries, people have speculated as to what its function might be.  To some, it was a vestigial eye, a mystic gateway into the realm of the spirit.  Some claimed it was the home of the human soul, the innate... Continue Reading →

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