World War Brad Pitt

I went into a showing of World War Z knowing that it wouldn't match up with the book.  I knew that it was intended as nothing more than a popcorn zombie flick.  I knew it was just a movie for Brad Pitt to Brad Pitt his way across the screen for two hours. There is... Continue Reading →

NERF getting into the Humans vs. Zombies game

Humans vs. Zombies is a popular variant of the "team deathmatch" played by NERFers (yes, that's a word).  It's been around for a while, and there's even websites dedicated to it.  Now Hasbro is getting in on the action and making a specific Humans vs. Zombies set of guns. Here's a preview of the first... Continue Reading →

Listen to this – Lindsey Stirling

I'm usually behind on the music scene.  I couldn't name a single of the top ten songs right now.  I barely could name any of the artists.  Frankly, I don't listen to the radio.  I tend to hear new music thanks to Pandora or happy accidents while web surfing.  So, if you have already heard... Continue Reading →

The Walking Dead by the Numbers

I am, in my day job, a statistics monkey.  I do data analysis for one of the country's largest health care products distributors, so I just have a thing for graphs and data.  So when I saw an article in the National Post with data from The Walking Dead, I knew I was in for... Continue Reading →

Zombie Speed Factor

If you've watched the trailer for World War Z, you've no doubt seen that the zombies move with incredible, even supernatural, speed.  Let's forget for the moment that this is entirely wrong compared to the book (I think we all know this movie is going to have about as much to do with the source... Continue Reading →

Speaking of Zombie Killing Weapons…

O.k., so you managed to escape your city with the help of the Map of the Dead, and you also used it to scout out a gun store where you found a military grade assault rifle, so you can pop zombie skulls at range, but what about those sneaky bastards that crawl up behind you... Continue Reading →

Making the Zombieland Doubletap Rule that much easier

Arsenal Firearms (who names their company that?) has created the zombie killing pistol the world deserves, though maybe not the one it needs right now. I give you, the AF2011 double barreled semi-automatic pistol. These babies will get the job done with one pull of the trigger.

Zombie Survival Alert: Map of the Dead

This is vital.  It may save your life when the zombies rise and begin consuming sweet, sweet brains.  It is the Map of the Dead, and it allows you to see danger zones as well as places to find shelter and equipment. Bookmark it now.  Better yet, zoom to your area, print and laminate it,... Continue Reading →

Baptism for the dead – this would make a killer horror movie

You may or may not have heard about the controversial ritual that Mormons have been practicing for a while that "baptizes" dead folks by proxy.  The controversy stems from the fact that they were doing this with Holocaust victims, and some folks had a problem with that.  It was mostly taken care of in the... Continue Reading →

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