Conversations with an intelligent sword

I posted about my favorite D&D module the other day, and one of the treasures in that adventure was an intelligent, dragon-slaying long sword.  I got to thinking about it, and I wondered: just what would a conversation with that sword be like?  So if you'll indulge me a bit of humor, here's my thoughts... Continue Reading →

Baptism for the dead – this would make a killer horror movie

You may or may not have heard about the controversial ritual that Mormons have been practicing for a while that "baptizes" dead folks by proxy.  The controversy stems from the fact that they were doing this with Holocaust victims, and some folks had a problem with that.  It was mostly taken care of in the... Continue Reading →

Some things I’ll never understand about Marvel Comics

I have been an avid reader of Marvel Comics since I was a young boy.  I think the first comic book I ever owned was Spider-Man, and my teenage years were absolutely dominated by a love for all things X (of course, back then that meant X-Men, New Mutants, X-Factor and Excalibur only).   Even... Continue Reading →

Batman’s Eye Shadow

There's something that's bothered me ever since I saw the first Tim Burton Batman - Batman apparently wears black eye shadow.  Lots of it.  And it magically appears or disappears as needed. Take a look at these mug shots: O.k., see the eye makeup?  It's pretty clear, because the mask can't go all the way... Continue Reading →

From the dim recesses of memory, the pink one eyed GI Joe monster

Comics Alliance has an article about an episode of GI Joe I only vaguely remember. Let me cover the highlights - Lady Jane inherits a Scottish castle, goes to check it out, and stumbles across masked druids worshiping Cthulhu Barbie. No, seriously, it's a pink, one eyed, tentacle monster: As Comics Alliance points out, pretty... Continue Reading →

Happy Belated Krampus Day

Santa's demonic helper, Krampus, is celebrated during the first week of December.  I'm a little late, but here's your Merry Krampus Day card from yours truly! Happy Holidays!!!

Spam, Glorious Spam

Anyone who has ever had a blog, webpage, facebook, myspace or any other presence on the internet will know that with that presence comes the unstoppable flow of spam.  There's plenty of tools out there to block spam, and WordPress, to their credit, has a pretty good one.  I typically get about 20-30 spam comments... Continue Reading →

Let me Google that for you – the most awesome site ever!

Do you have a friend who constantly asks stupid questions that they could easily look up on Google?  Do you have a co-worker who can't be arsed to open a web browser and click the search button?  How about a significant other who expects you to be a walking encyclopedia? Now there's a way to... Continue Reading →

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