Haven – The Stephen King version of the X-Men

I am a binge watcher.  I like watching multiple episodes of a tv series.  In fact, I hate waiting for new episodes.  It's like reading a novel - I don't really like reading a chapter a week, I want to read the whole thing over a weekend.  I get serialized entertainment is good for the... Continue Reading →

Macross, do you remember the love?

As a kid, I was a massive fan of Robotech, the Americanized version of three Japanese animes.  I still am a fan of Robotech, if only because meshing three completely different stories into a single, workable version is amazing, no matter what you think of the results.  However, while Robotech has failed to ever produce... Continue Reading →

World War Brad Pitt

I went into a showing of World War Z knowing that it wouldn't match up with the book.  I knew that it was intended as nothing more than a popcorn zombie flick.  I knew it was just a movie for Brad Pitt to Brad Pitt his way across the screen for two hours. There is... Continue Reading →

So, about the Evil Dead remake…

Spoilers contained herein, you are warned.     Ok, so I've seen the remake.  I wanted to like it.  I really, really did.  It's Evil Dead.  I love Evil Dead.  So why did I not like this movie?  Why did I leave feeling let down? It certainly wasn't the effects, which are gory, over the... Continue Reading →

Grave Encounters 2 – A good follow-up

SPOILERS FOR GRAVE ENCOUNTERS 2 INCLUDED! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! I'm a fan of the original Grave Encounters.  The movie, if you've never seen it, is a "found footage" horror flick ala Paranormal Activity, only centering around one of those "real life ghost busters" type shows.  The five man crew goes into a haunted asylum... Continue Reading →

ComicsAlliance – The Bloodrayne Review

One of my favorite things to read every week is Matt Wilson and Chris Sims reviewing movies on ComicsAlliance.com.  They have reviewed the Batman movie series, the Superman movie series, Blade...and they are very, very funny in their reviews. Today they began a dark journey.  They began to review...Bloodrayne.  For those of you who haven't... Continue Reading →

Creepy movie – The Screen at Kamchanod

I spent most of this weekend working for my day job, but I managed to sneak in time to watch a new to Netflix horror film, 2007's The Screen at Kamchanod. This is a Thai horror film.  I've written about Thai horror before - it's quite a bit different from J-Horror or K-Horror.  It's more... Continue Reading →

Absentia – awesome horror movie on Netflix

Netflix can be hit or miss when it comes to horror movies.  They have some really good ones (Grave Encounters, for example) and some really bad ones (100 Feet, for example).  One of the newest is a film called Absentia.  The movie has won a number of awards, but it never got a wide release,... Continue Reading →

Watching Bad Movies: Yakuza Weapon

Welcome back to Watching Bad Movies.  Today I'm watching "Yakuza Weapon" for you...but honestly, you should go watch this film.  It's so bad, so irredeemably awful, that it's worth watching just to see how bad it is. O.k., let's start with a recap of the plot.  The movie starts off with two military groups going... Continue Reading →

Watching Bad Movies: Pray For Death (1985)

Welcome to a new feature here on the Mask where I, your humble author, will watch and summarize (and comment on) bad movies.  Why put myself through this?  Well honestly, it's funny. We're going to start this little experiment with 1985's ninja flick, Pray for Death.  Now first of all, I'm about 99.9% sure I... Continue Reading →

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