True Detective and the King in Yellow – dear god, it’s a mythos show!!!

I will freely admit that I have not watched True Detective, the newest sensation burning up the airwaves. It's on HBO, which I don't have, and I haven't seen it on Vudu yet to buy the first season.  However, what I'm reading...holy's a mythos story!!! The show is about a murder, or lots of... Continue Reading →

The Books of Robert

You probably know what the Necronomicon is.  If you don't, go read a book, philistine!  But assuming you do, either from reading the works of Lovecraft and the mythos or maybe just from watching Evil Dead and Army of Darkness, you know that it's a book of ancient knowledge that can send a man mad... Continue Reading →

Godzilla vs. Cthulhu

I loves me some Godzilla.  I REALLY loves me some Cthulhu.  So like chocolate and peanut butter, putting them together seems like an awesome combination. AND IT IS! I had no idea there was so much fan work of this type, but there are indeed GvC fans out there.  There's even a whole story on... Continue Reading →

Ridley Scott’s Prometheus – Lovecraft Inspired?

According to Guillermo Del Toro, who was planning to make a big budget adaptation of HP Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness, the upcoming Alien pseudo-prequel, Prometheus, has put the final end to his plans.  But the reason why gives us Lovecraft fans hope.  See, Del Toro says that his movie is dead...because Prometheus captures... Continue Reading →

A National Geographic tour of Lovecraft Country

As a part of the "Nat Geo Adventure" series, National Geographic has a Lovecraftian travel guide to New England. The guide is well thought out and includes visits to Innsmouth, Kingsport, and Arkham, or rather their real life inspirations.  It also details certain locations in Newburyport (Innsmouth), Marblehead (Kingsport), and Salem (Arkham) that were used... Continue Reading →

Slenderman and the Rake

It may seem odd, but my Slenderman posts are the most popular on this blog.  I think somehow I got on a list somewhere of Slenderman links.  But I will confess that I do have a love for old Slendy, mostly because, as I've mentioned, I was lurking the Something Awful forums when he was... Continue Reading →

My favorite issue of Dragon Magazine

I used to be a nut for TSR's Dragon Magazine.  We're talking the 1980s here, so long before Wizards of the Coast or Paizo Publishing got a hold of it.  I grew up in a small town and no one was into RPGs.  Even the kid who introduced me to D&D "grew out of it"... Continue Reading →

From the dim recesses of memory, the pink one eyed GI Joe monster

Comics Alliance has an article about an episode of GI Joe I only vaguely remember. Let me cover the highlights - Lady Jane inherits a Scottish castle, goes to check it out, and stumbles across masked druids worshiping Cthulhu Barbie. No, seriously, it's a pink, one eyed, tentacle monster: As Comics Alliance points out, pretty... Continue Reading →

Shadow Over Korthos

I recently got back into playing Dungeons and Dragons Online, mostly because of my stolen x-box.  DDO is quite enjoyable in short sprints, but as I was re-playing the opening quest node, a lonely fishing village plagued by a white dragon, I realized the game designers had given a subtle nod to Lovecraft's Shadow Over... Continue Reading →

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